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Unknown author (2020-09-17 23:20:03):

hi this is so old

RIDDLER (2020-09-18 03:52:15 / 5 stars):

This color is very nice. I would like to see a green version of this set.

lifeisillusion (2020-09-18 11:15:35 / 5 stars):

like this style

Unknown author (2020-09-20 00:57:32):

horiz.cur is not middled, it feels weird

Unknown author (2020-09-20 10:31:37):

I want to download the whole package, then apply all of then once of all types

BlackEntity11 (2020-09-21 19:03:47 / 4.5 stars):

Love it, use it, and love it more. But the only problem is that the horizontal move one is off centered, but still... :-D
I would like to see this in blue. maybe navy?

QUEEN (2020-09-24 16:49:20 / 5 stars):


Unknown author (2020-09-24 20:54:57):

This is really modern and beautiful.

Unknown author (2020-09-27 16:32:24):

im on mac. how do I do this

Unknown author (2020-09-28 16:16:44):

You download, then go to search in bottom right corner. Then search Control Panal and there search mouse when on control panal. Then go to pointer on top on mouse. Then you will see what you use for each cursor. Then choose what for what. (Don't know if you uderstood)

It's easy :-)

I've downloaded some of ur pointers too QUEEN

Unknown author (2020-09-30 21:07:12):

Wow no response

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