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RIDDLER (2020-11-26 21:00:36):

LLX Purple is here to stay. Make the most of it by downloading this cursor set if you like it. Please thoroughly read all the information I have written in the description above before commenting to me about this cursor set.

RIDDLER (2020-12-01 00:25:46):

You are a whizz kid at creating cursor sets. I am speechless here but what I can say is that this cursor set is truly stunning.

RIDDLER (2020-12-01 00:31:37):

That's true. I am a whizz person in my endless creativity. I like to create cursor sets and icon sets on the RealWorld website. Enjoy everything that I have to offer.

Unknown author (2020-12-22 02:25:41):

I love this cursor :-D

RIDDLER (2020-12-22 07:01:19):

I am glad you do.

Unknown author (2021-02-16 12:37:26):

i don"t know if this app is safe??

RIDDLER (2021-02-17 02:53:50):

Don't worry. This app is safe. This cursor set is safe to download.

Unknown author (2021-03-22 18:42:34):

I love this cursor. It feels a bit big, but overall it's amazing!

RIDDLER (2021-03-22 19:36:41):

This cursor set does feel big. I am glad you like it. Please do not forget to rate when you comment at me. I like it when users rate me.

Unknown author (2021-05-30 08:50:24):

why does it not work

RIDDLER (2021-05-31 04:13:11):

Those cursors do work.

Unknown author (2021-07-23 22:31:56):

I like this :-D

RIDDLER (2021-07-23 23:13:37):

Glad you do.

Unknown author (2021-08-06 20:34:59):

Can u do reverse colors? :-(

RIDDLER (2021-08-07 13:26:19):

No thanks. I'll leave it like this.

Unknown author (2021-08-18 10:44:42):

its easy

RIDDLER (2021-08-18 11:02:20):


Unknown author (2021-11-08 14:19:21):

I l0ve this cursor i can easily find it o my screen and it is an amazing color perioddddd

RIDDLER (2021-11-08 14:58:44):

Its a nice color.

Unknown author (2022-02-14 01:18:14):

niceee :-)

RIDDLER (2022-02-15 02:54:12):


Unknown author (2022-09-14 09:44:56):

ilove it........

RIDDLER (2022-09-14 15:42:20):


Unknown author (2022-09-17 13:44:38):


RIDDLER (2022-09-17 17:49:11):

:-) Purple. :-)

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