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Bobcat (2020-12-04 07:28:04 / 1 stars):

I like the handwriting one. So why this small amount of stars? You do not read my reviews, which leads to you making a lot of mistakes that you do not fix. Annoying!

LisSweetie (2020-12-04 17:40:16):

Hi! How are you? I read your comments but I really don't care, it doesn't make sense to me to criticize because that's my style of making cursors, have a good day! ^^
(google translator used)

Syde (2020-12-06 04:43:15 / 5 stars):


Rocked_socks (2020-12-07 07:05:43 / 4 stars):

Fix the cusor hot spot in alt cursor. Then you're fine.

LisSweetie (2020-12-09 16:54:50):

Alternate Select fixed in all cursors, sorry for this and thank you for feedback! ^^

Unknown author (2020-12-13 19:01:54):

I use your cursor with inosuke, very cool, thank you!

_-~`|Anonymous|`~-_ (2021-01-02 21:57:37 / 5 stars):

I really like your art style and how you made animated ones and a not animated version of the same thing. I thought it was really nice of you to do that. I also like how you made versions with a rose and without a rose, I saw that you also did the same thing with the other characters except with something that matches them.

Unknown author (2021-01-29 16:46:25):

8-) 8-) nice work girl

3stars nice

bugs (2021-03-14 22:06:57):

this so caca i tried to mak ot and it didn't work 8-) |-) :-D :-(

ʄʟɨӼ (2021-04-01 19:42:08 / 5 stars):

Não dê ouvidos a comentários negativos. Achei que falasse português, então facilitei a leitura dos meus comentários. A propósito, eu gosto dos seus cursores! Eles são incríveis!

Unknown author (2021-05-05 13:00:14):


No es bueno

Unknown author (2021-05-18 09:59:16):

:-) :-) :-) :-)

hey :>

Unknown author (2021-07-17 16:59:16):

:-D yeeeeee

Unknown author (2021-10-23 01:17:30):

Micheal Jackson who?

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