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I am 12. I love personalization and just wanted some new cursors. Now I love creating cursors. Please give me honest feedback and tell me what could I do to improve. The moment I made the most buttons was the Scrabble age (For more info ask RIDDLER).
I have a little market here:

Black spray (1 stock), Cost: 3 buttons
Gray spray (2 stock), Cost: 4 buttons
Purple spray (2 stock), Cost: 6 buttons
Orange spray (1 stock), Cost: 7 buttons
Green spray (1 stock), Cost: 8 buttons

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3D World Cursors (17 cursors)

Released on April 15th 2021 by Bobcat

The icons in the RealWorld editors were just too good to be unused, so I extracted them with Snipping tool, removed their background, and made a few tweaks to make them cursors! All of these icons can be found in RW cursor editor and RW paint. Enjoy them and sorry for being a bit blurry.

Latest art

3D World Teaser3D World Cursors
by Bobcat33The icons in the RealWorld editors were just too good to be unused, s...
Bullet Yellow TeaserBullet Yellow Cursors
by Bobcat376I loved the totally material Bullet Pink set, and I thought it would ...
Alex TeaserAlex Cursors
by Bobcat363I haven't been really interested in making cursors lately, so I haven...
Luxus TeaserLuxus Cursors
by Bobcat2556I have seen the first five cursors in R0mka's random cursors, so I to...
No Internet Dino TeaserNo Internet Dino Cursors
by Bobcat1815I did not really find a good image of the no internet dino, so I drew...
Fun Cats TeaserFun Cats Cursors
by Bobcat133I do not expect a good rating out of this, I did it just for fun! Enj...
Cartoon Hand TeaserCartoon Hand Cursors
by Bobcat606This is actually the hand from pokemon quest. I loved it, and I reall...
Wing Beacon TeaserWing Beacon Cursors
by Bobcat116I made this cursor set for the TOTM contest. I did not know what to d...
Electricat TeaserElectricat Cursors
by Bobcat667I love pokemon, especially pikachu, and I also love cats, so I decide...
Fire TeaserFire Cursors
by Bobcat864RIDDLER requested a fire cursor similar to the ice one, so here you g...

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user icon ファントム registered user on February 3rd

im 14 lol

user icon Anonymous on February 11th

im 11

user icon λero registered user on February 17th

I'm 19. I usually don't have much time to upload stuff, though.

user icon Anonymous on February 19th

im 10

user icon Thereader registered user on March 1st

I am 13

user icon Noah registered user on March 5th

please check out my new cursor.

user icon Flix registered user on March 5th

14, turning 15

user icon Anonymous on March 12th

;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

user icon Anonymous on March 14th

make some lilac colors pls :-) . Btw your design is amazing

user icon ๖ۣۣۜCursѻr_MΔKER registered user on March 15th

IM 13 lol just had my birthday a week ago

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
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