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Teddy (2010-05-13 10:52:05 / 5 stars):

Fu***ng good work!
Keep it up!
Runescape rules :-D

Unknown author (2010-09-18 12:17:45):

Hmmm, we need to get a life who is the one that is on RUNESCAPE CURSORS! :-)

Unknown author (2010-10-02 23:39:57):

Nice art but I don't think you will use these cursors as cursors, more like... Food?

Unknown author (2010-10-28 11:03:09):

cooooool dude (thats to whoever made these) 8-)

Unknown author (2010-11-09 02:46:20):

cool nice 8-)

Unknown author (2010-12-13 22:13:54):

Beast cursors mate. :-) Thanks ;-)

Unknown author (2010-12-13 22:14:17):

And btw, runescape ftw.. xD

Unknown author (2011-02-27 03:24:20):

no zaros cursor? :-(

Unknown author (2011-04-02 23:48:03):

its works! no scams or virues

Unknown author (2011-06-16 21:42:56):

THIS :- :-D D :-D :- :-D :-D :-D D :-D :- :-D :-D D :-D IS FU**ING AMAZING :-D :-D

Unknown author (2011-07-14 02:07:59):

There is actually one god missing : Zaros.

Unknown author (2011-07-21 14:48:41):

To all the noob cakes complaining about Zaros not being here, Zaros is a recent addition to the "god" list. This is why no artwork for Him/Her has been added yet. If your just now starting Runescape thinking Zaros has been here awhile, it's only been added in the last 8 months or so. And im sure the people who make these cursors have better things to do than to accompany a cursor with every update Jagex makes.

Unknown author (2011-07-29 23:58:34):

there's no Zaros :-( . you suck...men

Unknown author (2011-08-07 20:08:13):

Hey Anonymous, Zaros has been around a LOT longer than 8 months. I believe since RS Classic.

Unknown author (2011-09-08 04:54:51):

yea lol 8 months? hes way old..noooooooooob

Ricon (2011-11-06 15:01:55 / 3.5 stars):

Tadhana ng isang maliit na bagay upang umasa.
I like the shiny top. Makes it look more
glazed, sort of. Get it?

Cameron (2011-11-07 10:21:01 / 3.5 stars):

i am liking the lingo bud ;-) also i like these curosrs as they are inventive and look quite cool :-)

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-07-26 04:27:59 / 4.5 stars):

"Oh no there is no Zaros cursor" :-o . . . :-D who cares, I think the set is great. Good job on the rest of the gods, the cursors look really good. I like the glass bubble that is over the middle of each cursor, looks good.


Unknown author (2016-03-06 20:09:06):


jessicatgirl12 (2019-11-19 19:53:41 / 4.5 stars):

Wow! Pretty creative!

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