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I've been very inactive in the last months.
Please review my work if you download and/or like it. Thank you.

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Halo Energy Sword Cursors (15 cursors)

Released on April 13th 2011 by Teddy

The Covenant's Energy Sword, nicely drawn and nicely animated. A product of hours of work.
This set fulfils all 15 cursor roles.
If you download this set, please leave a comment at the bottom of this site.

Additional info: If you click on the preview image of a cursor and move yours over the preview image on the following site, its background will turn to black. This lets you see how this cursor will look like on a black or dark background.

Latest art

Battlefield 3 TeaserBattlefield 3 Cursors
by Teddy16kA set of wonderful BF3 cursors, none of them created by myself except...
Halo Energy Sword TeaserHalo Energy Sword Cursors
by Teddy25kThe Covenant's Energy Sword, nicely drawn and nicely animated. A prod...
Cute Frogs TeaserCute Frogs Cursors
by Teddy5422 cute frogs and one science-based cursor to upload the whole thing (...
Zamorak Godsword by KT6 TeaserZamorak Godsword by KT6 Cursors
by Teddy529The beautiful and deadly ZGS as a cursor. It was finally time to uplo...
Animated Flame Cursors By KT6 TeaserAnimated Flame Cursors By KT6 Cursors
by Teddy948an animated flame cursor, i hope you like it. it was produced after a...
All Gs' of KT6 (including pre-versions) TeaserAll Gs' of KT6 (including pre-versions) Cursors
by Teddy692Look at this set, there are just gs' in it. If u wonder where there i...
Armadyl Godsword IV by KT6 TeaserArmadyl Godsword IV by KT6 Cursors
by Teddy1565My last try of designing the perfect ags-cursor. enjoy rate and comme...
The Original Runescape Sword By KT6 TeaserThe Original Runescape Sword By KT6 Cursors
by Teddy2875The original Runescape Sword, you can find it on the Homepage of RS. ...
Blue-Violet Cursors By KT6 TeaserBlue-Violet Cursors By KT6 Cursors
by Teddy2597A simple blue-violet cursor. Many of them are animated Have Fun, KT6
Armadyl Godsword 3 Without Bevel TeaserArmadyl Godsword 3 Without Bevel Cursors
by Teddy1645the famous (^^) ags 3 without bevel now i think many people will find...

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user icon Vlasta site administrator on April 16th 2012

There is a 'download statistics' link on this page right above the Contact card.

user icon Teddy registered user on April 17th 2012

I often use these statistics, but I cant see all my downloads on them ... just one year max
but thanks

user icon SYNTHCRѺ contributing user on August 4th 2012

Thanks for reviewing my cursors also I like your profile picture.

user icon Teddy registered user on August 4th 2012

:-) thanks for reviewing >my< cursors dude

user icon Anonymous on February 20th 2013

THIS IS AWESOME! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D ;-) ;-) :-) :-) ;-) :-D

user icon Anonymous on October 6th 2014

Hahah u play runescape same here :-D :D :-D

user icon Anonymous on March 3rd 2015

i cant even use it u r the worst

user icon J registered user on September 3rd 2015

All of your sword cursors are awesome good work

user icon Anonymous on November 13th 2020

yeah im using a cursor right now its AMAZING

user icon Anonymous on March 26th

Great huh Thank You so much Everybody!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

user icon Anonymous
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