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RIDDLER (2021-01-05 21:25:12):

The "Aero Noir Dark Theme" cursor set will excite fans of the dark theme mode in Windows 10. Make sure to have the 19H1 build of above to use the Location and Person cursor roles. Read all my description on the top of this page before downloading so that you are well informed about this use of this cursor set.

RIDDLER (2021-01-05 21:32:27):

That's fantastic. Now, I have a truly black cursor set for Windows 10, which is complete.

RIDDLER (2021-01-05 21:33:58):

Well, there you go. You can now enjoy a complete black cursor set.

Unknown author (2021-01-07 15:35:40):

it is a nice fit for dark theme users.

RIDDLER (2021-01-07 16:48:24):

It is a nice fit for dark theme users. That's why I made this modified version of this dark theme set of cursors.

R0mKa (2021-01-10 10:28:52 / 5 stars):

Very nice and black! I have dark theme and i love dark cursors, so this is a perfect fit for me, 5 stars incoming! :-D

RIDDLER (2021-01-10 16:53:23):

I am glad that you like those cool "very black" cursors. I like them too. Thanks for rating them as well.

Unknown author (2021-01-27 16:15:16):

so cool :-D

RIDDLER (2021-01-27 19:13:33):

They are so cool. Cool cursors indeed.

Unknown author (2021-03-15 20:55:34):

You realy made my day, man!!!

RIDDLER (2021-03-16 12:51:07):

That's a good day.

Unknown author (2021-03-19 09:26:21):

Thank you! Really cool cursors! :-)

RIDDLER (2021-03-19 16:03:52):

They are very good cursors. Don't forget to rate if you comment. That helps me get a rating increase.

inactive account (2021-03-19 21:05:20 / 5 stars):

Cool, but the WIB and Busy cursor wheels' rotation isn't very visible.

RIDDLER (2021-03-19 21:10:45):

The wheel rotation is not very visible because of the black color effect. Nothing can be done about that. However, if you look closely and carefully, you can still see the spinning effect of the black wheel.

Unknown author (2021-04-22 09:56:09):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

RIDDLER (2021-04-22 11:31:52):



Unknown author (2021-05-09 08:01:14):

do u have fullyy white vesion?

RIDDLER (2021-05-09 11:41:15):

Yes, I do have a fully white version.

Unknown author (2021-05-19 13:06:35):

What i searched for the whole time.
Thanks man.

RIDDLER (2021-05-20 01:23:05):

Thanks for searching.

Unknown author (2021-06-15 20:48:34):

This cursor is the best i like it :-D

RIDDLER (2021-06-16 15:04:36):

I am glad you like black. Black is very popular these days for dark mode themes in Windows 10.

Unknown author (2021-06-27 04:10:38):

Hentai hd porno gay hetero lgbt lesbica buceta

RIDDLER (2021-06-27 08:48:42):


Unknown author (2021-07-05 19:31:28):

Every resize cursor looks like Windows 95-XP Theme

RIDDLER (2021-07-06 16:44:59):

Not quite. The resize cursors have the look as the other cursors in this set.

WindowsX10live (2021-07-07 00:21:11):

since they are modern

RIDDLER (2021-07-07 17:15:44):

They are modern cursors.

Minecraft2.0 (2021-07-15 06:22:36 / 5 stars):

Cool Cursor Pack!

RIDDLER (2021-07-18 11:20:11):

Thank you. This is so cool on Windows 10.

Unknown author (2021-08-03 02:03:39):

omg black :-D :-D :-D

RIDDLER (2021-08-03 08:42:52):

:-) I do like black themed cursors. :-)

Unknown author (2021-09-22 21:57:37):

Thank you so much I've been looking for this cursor for years!


RIDDLER (2021-09-23 06:07:45):

Now you got them. Enjoy them.

Unknown author (2021-11-05 06:17:08):

Can You Give More Small

RIDDLER (2021-11-06 02:01:38):

I might give more small.

Unknown author (2021-11-16 12:23:01):

:-) :-)super

RIDDLER (2021-11-16 14:52:48):

This is super cool.

Unknown author (2021-12-12 18:16:34):


RIDDLER (2021-12-12 22:04:01):

Thanks for reviewing. This is so good that I uploaded it for you guys.

Unknown author (2021-12-15 07:35:03):

i can't find the oringinal one, can you make the windows 10 link select white pls becuz im using win 7

no, win 8 basic (the link select looks like win 7)

This account got hacked (2021-12-15 08:34:50 / 5 stars):

that is me

the up one

i like it

Unknown author (2021-12-15 18:25:30):



RIDDLER (2021-12-16 11:56:06):

I cannot find it either. The original one is not available.

This account got hacked (2021-12-17 08:15:19):

im turning to windows 9 (i handmade it)

hey riddler, you can handmade the win 10 link select, right?

RIDDLER (2021-12-17 13:00:19):

Thanks for tuning in! That means, thanks for rating!

RIDDLER (2022-02-01 09:42:12):

Pussy cat.

Unknown author (2022-02-03 17:19:26):

sus ;-)

RIDDLER (2022-02-03 19:46:10):

Black is cool for those dark theme fans in Windows 10 and 11.

Unknown author (2022-02-19 15:16:48):


RIDDLER (2022-02-19 17:00:16):

Dark themed cursors are amongst users favourite dark cursors nowadays of Windows 10 and 11.

Unknown author (2022-02-22 05:31:13):

Love it!

RIDDLER (2022-02-22 11:21:28):

I love it too.

Unknown author (2022-03-09 13:02:25):

Can the borders be in white

RIDDLER (2022-03-09 13:50:45):

The boarders are in white for this set.

Unknown author (2022-03-18 13:44:37):


RIDDLER (2022-03-19 13:33:19):


Unknown author (2022-03-29 20:43:28):

thanks :P

RIDDLER (2022-03-30 07:59:51):


Unknown author (2022-06-05 05:04:22):

omfg :-D

RIDDLER (2022-06-06 03:57:45):

:-) I am glad users like this set. :-)

Unknown author (2022-07-11 17:35:13):

charada vc e um trabalhador do real world?

RIDDLER (2022-07-11 20:35:09):

:-) RW. :-)

Unknown author (2022-08-11 07:17:57):

Very nice, I wish the loading animation wasn't black though.

RIDDLER (2022-08-11 21:39:24):

The loading animation is better in black because it matches the black theme for the rest of the cursors.

Unknown author (2022-10-05 17:56:45):

Can you make the 'Busy' & the 'Working In Background' animation BLUE? like default?

RIDDLER (2022-10-05 22:32:34):

I wont change the Busy or Working In Background animation to blue because it would ruin the color scheme of this cursor set. It is intended to be this way. Originally, the animated cursors were blue, but I knew that the blue color scheme did not go well with an all black color scheme, so I re-colored all the animated wheel cursors in black. I done that to all the frames. I wont change them back. All black is best.

Cheserez (2022-11-10 08:45:18):

I like it, very good :-D 8-) :-D

RIDDLER (2022-11-11 09:39:10):

I also like it. It is very good.

Unknown author (2023-01-26 18:27:46):

letssssss fggggg i love ths set :-D

RIDDLER (2023-01-27 19:13:32):

Lets love this set. No lag here. Works well.

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