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Teddy (2010-06-25 12:53:48 / 3 stars):

my sara swords are better =P
but a good entry btw


Unknown author (2010-06-26 16:49:58):

i keep on downloading the dragon long but it always tell me to this and do that and then do this again and it so confusing... lmao

Unknown author (2010-09-29 17:06:13):

Nice cursors..

Unknown author (2010-12-02 10:33:09):

my ags is better

Unknown author (2010-12-23 17:56:52):

zzzzzz boring!!!

Unknown author (2011-02-25 12:50:55):

The Dragon Dagger is the only good one! |-)

Nick (2011-04-16 07:07:50):

roflmao these are so old, go to my new sets lawl.

Unknown author (2011-05-03 02:33:02):

love dds because i rambo with it son :-)

Unknown author (2011-05-25 17:07:11):

how dose this shit work |-)

Unknown author (2011-07-05 20:47:34):

They need work...

Unknown author (2012-07-15 13:03:55):

AMAZING FOR Just Having A Drag dagger

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