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RIDDLER (2021-05-09 22:56:34):

The beauty of color can truly be appreciated with green. Welcome to a brand new and much better Highlight Green 10 cursor set. You will like this one.

RIDDLER (2021-05-09 23:01:29):

This color is good to have here as green highlighed cursors.

RIDDLER (2021-05-09 23:03:28):

You are correct. This is such a nice color variant to have here. I am planning on releasing many highlighted cursor sets in different colors. Stay tuned for that.

Dudu (2021-05-17 03:43:19 / 0.5 stars):

i didn't like this cursor because he's too big and is not green and black :-( |-)

Unknown author (2021-07-15 06:02:48):


RIDDLER (2021-07-18 11:19:49):

I like it or don't like it. I don't mind.

 AKGAMER (2021-08-12 07:36:03 / 5 stars):

I love them.

Perfect for large windows 10 cursors.

RIDDLER (2021-08-12 23:28:22):

I like them too. Very good for use in Windows 10 to highlight onscreen content for focusing.

Unknown author (2021-08-17 16:38:42):

it nice,i think with black cursors would be better.Any good job.

RIDDLER (2021-08-17 21:42:49):


Unknown author (2021-12-13 10:30:06):

if a thank you means anything - then THANK YOU for all that you do :-)

RIDDLER (2021-12-13 23:10:34):

Yeah. Thank you means everything to me. Many thanks for that compliment.

Unknown author (2023-08-07 17:31:44):

I think the diagonal 1 is wrong, it's a horizontal resize again

RIDDLER (2023-08-10 21:12:15):

No. The diagonal resize 1 is fine.

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