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RIDDLER (2021-05-10 21:34:38):

A gold highlight cursor set is here for you to enjoy.

Zebra Zed (2021-05-10 21:35:34 / 5 stars):

Gold is nice.

RIDDLER (2021-05-10 21:38:18):

I do like the gold set. Be aware that all my cursor sets now have the Location Select and Person Select cursor roles. I will always add those two additional cursors when I create any cursor set.

Unknown author (2021-05-18 21:29:24):

THANK YOU!!! Yay I always missed those cursors... .-.

RIDDLER (2021-05-19 08:06:00):

I have created all the highlighted colors including a rainbow version which is fully animated. Take a look at it as well.

Unknown author (2021-05-26 15:31:23):

wow me gusta mucho

RIDDLER (2021-05-26 17:23:45):


Unknown author (2021-06-05 09:19:59):

How to use?

RIDDLER (2021-06-05 20:33:47):

Download this set, then extract the zip file. Lastly, go to your mouse pointer settings and change and apply each individual cursor role. Finally save your changes by clicking Apply followed by OK.

ktemew1125 (2021-06-26 22:39:16):

beautiful! thanks....

RIDDLER (2021-06-27 08:48:35):

Beautiful yellow highlight cursors.

lee yuan shen (2021-06-29 14:37:28 / 5 stars):

great mouse cursor

lee yuan shen (2021-06-29 15:14:58):

ssssssssuuuuuuuuppppppeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr cool

RIDDLER (2021-06-30 18:40:10):

Thank you so much.

Unknown author (2021-10-24 01:15:44):

i know this a highlight cursor mouse :-)

RIDDLER (2021-10-25 11:46:37):

Golden cursors are great.

nosnosislam@2012 (2021-11-07 09:49:05):

you know Riddler can you tell me how to make 0ne please

RIDDLER (2021-11-08 14:57:45):

Create a new canvas. Draw a semi-transparent circle as a layer. Then draw or copy a cursor as a new layer to show up on top of the circle layer. Lastly save your cursor.

Unknown author (2021-12-15 15:15:50):

8-) thanks dude!

RIDDLER (2021-12-16 11:56:31):

:-) You are welcome! :-)

RIDDLER (2022-01-22 23:46:41):

That's fine.

Unknown author (2022-02-08 17:55:51):


RIDDLER (2022-02-09 01:27:45):

Gold cursors are great.

Unknown author (2022-05-18 09:29:16):

this is not downloading please tell me how :-(

RIDDLER (2022-05-18 20:32:49):

To download this cursor set, you need to click on the big download button. Afterwards, you need to open and extract the cursor files from the zip file. Then, go to your mouse pointer settings and change the cursor roles from there. That's how you do it.

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