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RIDDLER (2021-05-11 23:07:47):

Red halos cursors.

Zebra Zed (2021-05-11 23:08:56 / 5 stars):

Good color.

RIDDLER (2021-05-11 23:09:37):

This is a good color of choice for those who are searching for a red halo version of those cursors.

Unknown author (2021-06-21 12:50:19):

I like it. It looks a little bit like the 'laser' pointer in PowerPoint. Thank you !

RIDDLER (2021-06-22 02:02:12):

I also like the hot orange color from PowerPoint.

Unknown author (2021-10-25 05:31:37):

it is not working on pdf file... how to fix it?

RIDDLER (2021-10-25 11:47:24):

I don't know.

Unknown author (2021-10-26 15:29:42):


RIDDLER (2021-10-28 18:09:47):

This red looks a bit pinkish due to the transparency but it still classifies as a red cursor set.

Unknown author (2021-11-23 04:09:17):

is so perfect the colour :-D i love its guys dawload its!!!

RIDDLER (2021-11-23 21:46:13):

All my colors are perfect for all my cursor sets, including the highlight series.

Unknown author (2021-12-24 06:11:37):

:-D :-D :-D

RIDDLER (2021-12-24 16:56:46):


Unknown author (2021-12-30 01:27:05):

how do u apply them all at once?

RIDDLER (2021-12-30 20:56:48):

You can only apply all the cursors at once if you use a script with the .inf file extension. I do not have a script for this cursor set.

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