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Teddy (2010-08-20 22:06:37 / 4 stars):

Hey very nice d axe nick!
I think I'll try a cls now, too . . .
Nice work

Nick (2010-08-21 07:52:04):

thanks a lot man. you too.

Unknown author (2010-09-26 15:29:54):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D get real d claws »TY .

Unknown author (2010-09-27 23:35:25):

guys i cant get it to download :S how do i do it :-(

Unknown author (2010-10-01 15:53:44):

nice dude, keep doin what u do

Unknown author (2010-10-02 23:36:53):

Get D Claws yourself before doing that failed attempt :P
Nice CLS.

Unknown author (2010-10-05 18:45:01):

great cls tysm

Unknown author (2010-11-02 17:48:49):

hey nick nice cursors i downloaded everyone!!!! lol keep up the good work guys 8 :-D

Unknown author (2010-11-04 03:15:50):


Unknown author (2010-11-10 09:01:13):

:-D Thank's man. I like the pic the best :-D ;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2010-11-11 00:24:01):

Hmmm add more chaotic cursors :-D

Unknown author (2010-11-15 10:31:40):

make a rapier cursor :-D

Unknown author (2010-11-20 04:59:05):

Love the cls man. I think it would be kinda cool if you made a korasi sword cursor. Keep it up! :-)

Unknown author (2010-11-24 05:50:38):

chaotic maul cursor 8-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2010-11-28 23:58:55):

wheres the chaotic rapier and maul and the korasi sword cursors??

Unknown author (2010-11-30 18:02:11):

dude. how do i change cursor on ubuntu?

Unknown author (2010-12-07 12:12:39):

chaotic maul cursor plz :):)

sacred wave (2010-12-15 05:11:36):

Primal maul cursor plzzzzzzzz :-D

Unknown author (2010-12-16 01:57:57):

rapier, cmonn

Nick (2010-12-19 20:48:51):

im back! maul and rapier coming soon!

Unknown author (2010-12-21 14:03:33):

chaotic longsword ftw :-D

Unknown author (2010-12-23 23:14:24):

What about a Zamorakian spear cursor? Or a dragon defender? ^_^

Nick (2010-12-24 02:30:03):

I made a z spear in my rs v2 set and i will do the d def soon ty for req.

Teddy (2011-01-04 11:12:58):

your cursor are becoming nicer and nicer :-) they're looking very good

Unknown author (2011-01-16 01:10:42):

8-) Nice cursors i got the dragon scimi, changin it is easy, jsut remember what name the file...............

Unknown author (2011-02-09 08:52:11):

Can you please make a curser as a Divine spirit sheild? thanks.

Teddy (2011-02-09 12:57:22):

I just recognized that my rs sets do not contain any korasi scimmys Oo I will upload one soon
hm spirit shields ...
click on my name

Unknown author (2011-03-13 09:24:02):

when you make d def? 8-)

Unknown author (2011-03-21 15:25:15):


Unknown author (2011-04-02 23:47:32):

Staff of light cursor would be cool :-D

Nick (2011-04-16 07:08:32):

anyone want a better korasi?

Unknown author (2011-04-17 21:06:34):

I want a Coke cursor lol

Unknown author (2011-04-18 00:41:53):

can u make sets of chaotic rapier like busy, workin in background, etc? please and thanks

Nick (2011-04-18 01:59:37):

@anonymous - i want a coke cursor
a request is a request

Unknown author (2011-04-20 23:48:51):

ok i want a chaotic rapier set... all of them please

Unknown author (2011-04-25 15:39:46):

how do u use cursors

Unknown author (2011-04-27 13:57:11):

Nice! :-D

Unknown author (2011-04-30 13:52:19):

Guys, to use a cursor, download it -> go to control panel -> mouse -> pointers -> browse -> find file (select) -> apply.

Teddy (2011-04-30 23:45:14):

coke cursors? I'll see what I can do nick :-D

Teddy (2011-04-30 23:45:34):

oh and your d pickaxe is really really good

Unknown author (2011-05-01 00:35:59):

guys can someone make a Chaotic Crossbow? i think it could look really cool if done right.

Teddy (2011-05-01 20:44:07):

bows arent easy at all but I could try

Unknown author (2011-05-10 05:20:23):


Unknown author (2011-05-21 19:10:58):


Unknown author (2011-05-31 06:14:46):

niceeeee i got dragon scimi cursor can any put old drag scimi???

Unknown author (2011-07-01 20:44:21):

i downloaded it know how do i get it to change to dclaws?

Teddy (2011-07-03 21:41:15):

go to this --> http://www.rw-designer.com/change-cursor <-- link, download the software, rightclick the data which says d claws.cur and use the change cursor software to change it to normla select

Unknown author (2011-07-09 19:58:07):

if any one could get a whip coursor? idk there migbht already be one but if not that would be cool

Teddy (2011-07-10 17:42:49):

the first cursor of this set might be good for you

Unknown author (2011-07-18 18:52:21):

id love 2 see a animated granite maul sk

Unknown author (2011-07-18 21:06:56):

i wish the claws werent upside down

Teddy (2011-07-18 21:54:08):

animated granite maul? how do you suppose us to do this? there isn't much space on 64x64 pixels ^^

Unknown author (2011-08-22 17:43:09):

wooooooooooooot got chaotic rapier |-) 8-)????????????????? |-) 8-)

Nick (2011-09-15 01:54:18):

I'm back peoples and I'm going to do a lot of little things to be released in a couple of days so stay tuned.

Unknown author (2011-10-18 02:40:47):

could you make a fishing harpoon cursor?

Unknown author (2011-11-01 01:00:06):

Could you possibly do a high level dungeoneering equipment. like hexhunt, primal 2h, blood necklace. stuff like that would be awesome.

Unknown author (2011-12-05 10:46:38):

8-) 8-)woot cool shit huh?

Unknown author (2011-12-18 13:56:33):

i need tormoil pls : ( any way nice crusor :-D like it 10000/100

Unknown author (2012-01-11 03:29:48):

Please primal 2h? :-D

please 2h primal @@@@@@@@@@@@@@

primal 2h plox :P

Nintendo (2012-03-20 03:24:22 / 1.5 stars):

look at d claws realllly closeee you can see they are a cut out image :-(

Unknown author (2012-06-15 19:11:16):

Hello there. Can you guys try to make the "Chaotic rapier" bigger? Thank you. :-)

Unknown author (2012-07-02 20:37:50):

can you make a regular pointer that's in game, the silver 3d one. Thanks :-)

Unknown author (2012-08-30 10:31:10):

should make korasi more detailed

Unknown author (2012-10-01 16:44:06):

i like chaotic rapier

Unknown author (2012-11-02 05:42:38):

You should do full chaotic cursors, like with the dlong. But great cursors either way :-D

Unknown author (2014-02-14 23:49:02):

Could you just do a set of like everyday Runescape items? Dumb stuff like bread and buckets. that would be awesome :-D

Unknown author (2015-11-20 21:31:31):

How about some Drygores? :P 8-)

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