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Phantom (2021-12-06 15:07:16 / 5 stars):

Sheeesh! nice set 5/5
frames are nice and so are the cursors. ty for the recolor :-D

Subsidary (2021-12-06 17:11:04 / 4 stars):

These seem a bit unpolished (especially the link cursors) but nonetheless useful and pretty. Great job!

GeorgiosNexus (2021-12-06 20:38:21):

yes. I already add extra link cursors and are usable to change to be cool set!

Unknown author (2021-12-07 09:38:50):

where's the location selectt

GeorgiosNexus (2021-12-07 12:42:39):

you dont know?? The location select is Pin.cur

LeadR (2021-12-07 13:56:04 / 5 stars):

Neat! Windows 11 cursors are more appealing than win 10 ones imo.

Neat! Windows 11 cursors are more appealing than win 10 ones imo.

UwU5556 (2021-12-09 09:31:22):

cool i wanted this 8-)

GeorgiosNexus (2021-12-11 14:36:16):

ok . now you have chance to have this cursor set! :-) Just download now

GeorgiosNexus (2021-12-12 04:25:03):

you know? Dark Theme and Black Theme have difference !Black Theme is full set of full black cursors!Dark have and the busy,working in spinner have blue/white color. Person/pin in Dark have filled white and have black outlines! :-) That's difference!

GeorgiosNexus (2021-12-12 12:55:39):

tnx for 230 Downloads

GeorgiosNexus (2021-12-13 22:19:09):


GeorgiosNexus (2022-01-17 23:32:50):

thx for 534 downloads . I work out for another set!!!

Unknown author (2022-02-09 14:29:59):

Windows 10 is better

Unknown author (2022-05-19 17:18:03):


Unknown author (2022-06-09 17:22:47):

idk how to isntal this on my win11

Unknown author (2022-11-20 21:30:15):

f*ck my ass, your mother f*cker
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nibbler (2023-10-10 01:20:04 / 4 stars):

Microsoft never made a cursor theme for Windows 11 and just stocked to the original Windows 10 ones, which is unfortunate. I do like these! icon-image/24318-16x16x32.png image

The only complaint is that some parts are more blurry and some are more pixelated than others.

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