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★⭐Mazin Pro⭐★ (2022-02-08 05:10:12):

Please Rate and tell me what i should make next :-D

Unknown author (2022-02-08 10:25:10):


★⭐Mazin Pro⭐★ (2022-02-08 13:59:50):

Thank you :-D

Unknown author (2022-02-08 16:12:32):

legal para meu pc gamer rtx 360 de 2022 que cfomprei hoje kkkkkk

Unknown author (2022-02-08 16:29:35):

I want this one but I don't know how

Unknown author (2022-02-08 17:58:33):

very nice 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) :-D

Unknown author (2022-02-08 18:06:26):


Unknown author (2022-02-08 20:41:20):

I can,t get it will you make it ezer to get :-(

Unknown author (2022-02-09 00:05:26):

faz 2023 atualizado por favor, antes que meu pc H724-7TDFJFJ de RTX 3400 HDMI 1 FORZA HORIZON 163 fique véio :-D :-D

★⭐Mazin Pro⭐★ (2022-02-09 03:51:33):

if you are not able to download all together then just download them separately if you go to the top and scroll a little down you can see all the cursors, if you click on any of them they will open separately and you can download it also separately and use it.
If you want to download them all together just click the download button and open the zip file then win rar or whatever you have will be opened and then you have to click on "extract to" and choose the location where you want to save your all cursor after you done that, your cursors will be at the location where you save them and you can close the win rar or whatever you have in your pc and apply and enjoy you cursors :-)

Yeah- (2022-02-09 04:04:45 / 5 stars):

These are super cool! Glad I could help!

★⭐Mazin Pro⭐★ (2022-02-09 04:14:19):

thank you so much
You really help me btw, because of you it has this much downloads now

But if you really wants to help me making a cursor then you can, I am making a new cursor "frost cursor" you can make some cursors of it if you want. :-)

꧁ Illusion ꧂ (2022-02-09 04:49:34 / 4.5 stars):

Very Nice! But Can You Change The Vision! Please Make It More Clearer! icon-image/15613-16x16x32.png image

★⭐Mazin Pro⭐★ (2022-02-09 05:00:33):

sure i will try to make the normal select's rainbow part more broad

ATT (2022-02-09 05:53:10 / 5 stars):

Cool, will you make them shift colours?

★⭐Mazin Pro⭐★ (2022-02-09 07:30:52):

I thought to make them animated but it was so hard, but still i will try

꧁ Illusion ꧂ I have made the normal select cursor more broad and bright, I hope it is good now.

I have also recoloured the link select

★彡囧ɢʟɪᴛᴄʜ.ᴋʀᴍ囧彡★ (2022-02-11 06:05:01 / 5 stars):

man These are pretty good I may know a lot on how to make cursors and help people onto that but I can't even make these cursors... Ik this is a little embarasing but can y-you PLEASE TEACH ME!!!! :-(

One more thing Welcome yo my club Mazin Pro ur curaors are very cool you are accepted to be in my club!!!

★⭐Mazin Pro⭐★ (2022-02-12 08:30:22):

sure, what type of animated cursor you want to make
these animated cursors are not too hard to make btw

Unknown author (2022-02-14 07:07:13):

Hi Mazin Pro

Can you try making the same cursors in white and the borders in black colour so that they kinda look mordern? :-)

Unknown author (2022-02-15 13:01:15):

You are so good at cursors! I used all your cursor but. You should add location select and person select. 8-)

Unknown author (2022-06-28 19:18:08):


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