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Heya. I'm Animelove_1105.

I'm some random autistic kid who likes to do random stuff. I make cursors sometimes.
I have a YT channel. You can see it in the link above.
If there's any issues with my cursors, pls let me know!

My main achievements on this site:
Got the buttonless shirt trophy
January 2023 ToTM 2nd place winner!
October 2023 ToTm Winner!

Check out my other stuff if you want:

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DDORes.dll (Windows 7) Icons (81 icons)

Released on March 20th 2024 by Animelove_1105

DISCLAIMER: These icons were NOT made by me! These were made by Microsoft. This set was uploaded for archival purposes only.

For a FULL AND COMPLETE set of Windows 7 Icons, download my ultimate Win7 icon collection!
Coming soon to the internet archive.

This is a collection of icons from the Windows 7 system file DDORes.dll. One of the many extra Win7 icon sets I plan to upload.
Upload requested by Anonymous.

If there are any issues, please contact me!

- Animelove_1105

Latest art

DDORes.dll (Windows 7) TeaserDDORes.dll (Windows 7) Icons
by Animelove_110520DISCLAIMER: These icons were NOT made by me! These were made by Micro...
Ornament TeaserOrnament Cursors
by Animelove_1105221Hey y'all, decided I would try @The Male Boss's 2023 Christmas Contes...
Pink Button TeaserPink Button Cursors
by Animelove_1105449I started working on this one a while back and never finished this on...
Spray Paint TeaserSpray Paint Cursors
by Animelove_1105388This set is a collection of cursors based on the RWD spray paints. Th...
Pumpkin Style Pointer TeaserPumpkin Style Pointer Cursors
by Animelove_1105355Kinda late update, but This set is an October ToTM winner!!! Thank yo...
Stripes of Pride TeaserStripes of Pride Cursors
Sketch - 1st Anniversary REMASTER! TeaserSketch - 1st Anniversary REMASTER! Cursors
by Animelove_1105683HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY TO ANIMELOVE_1105 ON RW DESIGNER!!!! To celebra...
Sketch - 1st Anniversary Rainbow TeaserSketch - 1st Anniversary Rainbow Cursors
by Animelove_1105224HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY TO ANIMELOVE_1105 ON RW DESIGNER!!!! To celebra...
Internet Explorer 11 TeaserInternet Explorer 11 Icons
by Animelove_1105102Since Internet Explorer is dying, I'd think it would be a good idea t...
Love Letter TeaserLove Letter Cursors
by Animelove_1105130Winner of the February... 2024... ToTM? Well then. Thank you everyone...

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you are one of the winner's of the October 2023 TOTM (Theme of the Month) Contest! ~

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