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andiitr (2011-01-15 05:26:51):

Lovely! <3

Ricon (2011-10-25 23:45:03 / 2.5 stars):

Ok set.

Twe (2012-02-15 14:25:51):

Not Se7en
Need to be Seven

JDDellGuy (2012-02-15 14:57:58):

No, it is Intended for effect. icon-image/4612-16x16x32.png image

AmberZen (2012-09-25 00:06:55 / 5 stars):

what's with the not rating?
you fellas afraid of a little pink?

Hey, guys over here!!
I found some more Se7en's!
That means I gotta give back the half star I was holding back on the blue's, eh?!

Unknown author (2012-11-11 18:13:26):

:-D cool

Kinhajp (2012-11-18 11:53:10 / 5 stars):

Exactly what I was looking for!!!Great!Thank you! :-)

bubbles47 (2013-04-30 03:32:54):

Se7en is the name of a very popular K-Pop star and I Love him he's awesome, check him out on Youtube :-)

Ney (2013-12-08 22:50:41 / 5 stars):

wow really awesome love the color
hotspot are good

nice day to you

you have deviantart

Imagine (2014-10-02 21:33:32 / 4.5 stars):

cool for GIRLS

Unknown author (2015-05-08 16:32:05):

How do you Install them.?

Unknown author (2018-05-01 10:30:50):

Omagad nice

Unknown author (2018-11-04 17:38:33):

Imagine not using a colour because 'it's for girls..'
I LOVE THIS, thanks

Unknown author (2020-04-03 11:10:28):

fuck u and ur custome fucking mouse kalnskxjasnb i hate u ur family and ur friends die and burn in hell ;-)

Unknown author (2020-11-11 18:15:30):

cooooool :-D :-)

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