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JDDellGuy (2011-03-21 17:19:26 / 4.5 stars):

Impressive. I'm not worried about plaigiarism though. ;-)

I actually do have some rounded square office icons, I have just never uploaded them. Perhaps I should. They are modeled much more closely to my round metal office icons.

Yours are very cool in that they have a nice plastic-like bubble in the center.

A tip- MS Onenote is better represented by an "N" than an "O."

Davez (2011-03-21 17:33:46):

Thanks JD,

I know that OneNote is represented by an N.
But I've decided the applications would be represented by the first letter :-) .

absterninja (2011-03-22 03:24:53 / 5 stars):

I have some rounded square icons too. I uploaded them, but it wouldn't let me make a set! lol

Davez (2011-03-22 15:47:14):

Maybe the name is already being used? That's why my cursor set is called "Microsoft Office (R)". After adding the "(R)", the site allowed me to create a set.

absterninja (2011-03-26 00:22:57):

thats probably it because it said "all icons in the set must have a unique name." I think it is because I called them something like "Yellow Square Icons"

JDDellGuy (2011-03-26 04:56:09):

Ah, for that message, I believe it means that you gave all your icons the same name. For example, you cannot have a set of icons in which every icon has the name "Yellow Square Icon." You must be unique with each one. Even if it's just "Yellow Square Icon 1" "Yellow Square Icon 2" "Yellow Square Icon 3" etc.

Vlasta (2011-03-26 12:36:22):

"Yellow Square Icon 1" and "Yellow Square Icon 2" should work, but putting 2 or more icons with exactly same name into one set is not allowed (because there would be 2 files with same name in one .zip file).

Unknown author (2011-03-29 16:28:39):

Dave vette icons swa 8-)

-Rits hier.


Davez (2011-03-30 21:48:08):


RealWorld1 (2011-08-09 21:33:17):

Glossy! icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2017-12-02 10:17:34):


RIDDLER (2021-04-15 06:59:30 / 5 stars):

I like this Microsoft theme cursor set in the Office theme.

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