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Vojife (2012-03-23 10:57:57):

Thee are not very practical, but they look really nice and original. =)

Matias0211 (2012-03-23 21:45:57):




Unknown author (2012-04-05 01:00:34):

they are good but to comment in the language of the unknown is quite lame if i do say so myself

Nintendo (2012-04-05 06:49:57 / 5 stars):

this is one of the most best shaded art i have ever seen they so detailed

TheRedSapphire (2012-04-06 22:14:54 / 4.5 stars):

These are very good, but why not make some original ones? Like, one that looks like a hourglass for the 'Busy' cursor, one that looks like the Unavailable cursor, etc.

Just something to think about. ;-)

Matias0211 (2012-04-06 22:17:18):

Because there are icons, no cursors :-) maybe i'll do cursors with these :-)

TheRedSapphire (2012-04-29 21:24:58):

Op, sorry. Not sure how I got from cursors to icons... >///>

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-07-24 06:26:34 / 4.5 stars):

Nice, I like them. You should also make UNKNOWN cusors, just a idea.


Jason (2013-02-06 04:42:12 / 3.5 stars):

I'm not sure what they are but the look nice

cdl (2013-04-03 07:36:00 / 4 stars):

SYNTHCRO has a good idea and I echo the suggestion but I would also offer that they need to be a bit less pixelated. Perhaps you could employ a smoothing tool are edge blur effect to enhance the appearance and post the updated version. In addition I would suggest that you create them in more than one size as most computer utilize many sizes within the icon file now.

Quite unique set with plenty to pick and choose from.

icon-image/8400-32x32x32.png image

ctarmansy (2013-06-22 19:27:57 / 5 stars):

the pixelation is how they appear in the games lol. After all this time pokemon still has bad graphics XD. Awesome icons.

Wheueahs (2013-09-13 15:51:55):

http://www.rw-designer.com/icon-image/8400-32x32x32.png 3232

Unknown author (2013-11-25 04:56:04):

Somehow the "!" cursor unknown is password protected. I don't know why it is like that. All the others work just fine.

Unknown author (2014-08-10 17:02:08):

Try creating a "LEAVE", "DENY", "WHO ARE YOU KID", "HEDIED", or "IMDEAD" with these icons :-)
Hope you prank your friends with these.

Bear (2014-10-08 00:45:47 / 5 stars):

Woah! XD quite confusing but very creative and the edges are perfect.
Wait I downloaded it and tried to put the cursor files in my RWE folder but it won't let me, this has never happened before so I'm confused

Bear (2014-10-09 04:55:13):

Am I supposed to be because its "unknown" but when I tried to put that file into another it said: Detected a bug in file, you may check into it but may affect your computer. So my computer basically has a virus detecter so did you even know about this? :-o

The Derpy Girl (2016-01-05 18:19:23 / 5 stars):

Fancy letters and symbols!

Unknown author (2016-07-12 17:14:04):


Pokemon Cursors Hype!

Unknown author (2016-07-15 00:25:12):

It's looks like Pokemon lost silver :-/

FlamingueroXD (2016-07-27 16:02:31):

están geniales los iconos el problema es ¿como los pongo en mi perfil? ^_^'

Unknown author (2021-04-30 20:06:23):

5 out of 5 stars.

8-) how do u do stars!

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