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Unknown author (2007-11-24 00:00:00):

Thank's for that , i have searching for this icons for a long time ago

Unknown author (2008-08-17 00:00:00):


Unknown author (2009-08-18 12:16:30):


Unknown author (2009-10-11 18:10:59):

Many, many thanks. Love this kind of Icons. Thanks again!!!

Unknown author (2009-10-26 21:22:20):

Merci, c'est sympa

Unknown author (2010-06-12 21:49:43):

Very Kool Bless You!

Rinfo (2011-11-12 15:08:58 / 5 stars):

5 stars for the awesome icons you make!

Unknown author (2012-08-19 15:50:34):

awesome! thx.

cdl (2012-10-26 07:02:04 / 4.5 stars):

all these thanks and love its but not voting.. twips!
these are very nice, unique icon-image/6337-48x48x32.png image
is there a reason for just the four smaller sizes?

oriolego (2013-03-04 20:15:17):

whoa... its like you draw all the graphic for the apps... do you?

cdl (2013-03-07 05:56:44):

I'm sure his brother helps some.. lol icon-image/8424-32x32x32.png image

Jake (2015-01-09 23:24:47 / 4.5 stars):

Wow! Impressive! I might use these icons in some apps, im a coder 8-) icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image and a 1/2

The Derpy Girl (2016-12-07 19:19:48 / 5 stars):

You might have put these in the software programs to make it look fancy! They look cool. I like how they have 3D effects. ;-)
icon-image/14704-48x48x32.png image

Vlazteron (2019-11-19 00:06:59 / 5 stars):

I like it, because it's lighting effect and it's smooth effect makes them look good despite being a bit simple. But it's really good. I've seen some of those icons on some of your RealWorld software. Also, the floppy icon it's like the download icon.

I really like this icon set, but if you could make some more I would really appreciate it.


♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ (2021-08-04 10:51:49 / 5 stars):


cubydude (2022-06-21 13:57:16 / 5 stars):

so cool icon-image/24236-16x16x32.png image icon-image/24237-16x16x32.png image

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