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Vlasta (2017-01-27 08:15:37):

Your icons have most of the images empty. You should not remove these empty images when creating the icon or better, have something there in each image.

Benderbee (2017-01-27 15:11:38):

What? There's something in each image. I don't think it loaded properly... icon-image/14479-16x16x32.png image

At least you can always click each image name and you can find the REAL previews there, or you could just download the set all at once.

There's only smooth edge icons with 16x16 and 32x32.

Unknown author (2017-02-01 03:12:37):

How do you get it to work?

Benderbee (2017-02-01 05:07:37):

@Unknown author
To enable an icon for a certain icon, this is how to do it on a Windows PC.
Step 1: Find a shortcut or file you can give an icon to. For example, a VBS Script.
Step 2: Once you have found/finished writing the file, you then need to right click it and go to Properties.
Step 3: Click the button that says "Change Icon".
Step 4: Click "Browse" and locate the icon file you want to use. On windows the extension should be "ICO".
Step 5: Select the icon you want to use. Then, click "OK".
Step 6: Once your icon has been changed, click "OK" on the Properties window to save your changes and close. All done!

I am not an expert at technological support, so forgive me if I'm inaccurate. I'm not the best in the world icon-image/14477-16x16x32.png image

Vlasta (2017-02-02 09:31:04):

You need to have something in EVERY image. You can also delete the empty ones online.

Benderbee (2017-02-02 18:44:06):

I see... I guess I'll have to redo the icons all over again in RW Icon Editor and make those the replacements, put them online, and enable them.
Would you like me to add hearts to the 48x48s and 256x256s? (these may be a bit hard without resizing a 16x16, 32x32, or having it look identical to the other 48x48s and 256x256s)

Vlasta (2017-02-03 09:55:15):

There is little value if you just add a resized 32x32 to the 256x256 picture. It is better to just not have that image in that case.

Benderbee (2017-02-03 18:23:41):

Does that mean I should exclude 48x48 and/or 256x256 altogether? icon-image/14488-16x16x32.png image

Vlasta (2017-02-05 21:00:52):

If you don't intend to actually make them, then don't include them.

Shantorian (2017-02-07 06:25:22 / 3 stars):

Well. This is a heart drawing fill bucketed different colours. Maybe make a few custom ones with different designs. icon-image/14815-32x32x32.png image
I'll give you 3 stars icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image icon-image/136-16x16x32.png image

Benderbee (2017-02-07 18:47:35):

YES! The hearts FINALLY show up!

I am only eleven years old so I can't make anything too advanced. I can't copy everything I do the exact way. For example, if I want to make a vector outlined heart, if I want to make different colors, there's always the original color hiding in the edges, thus requiring me to cover it up, but that adds some color to the outline.

Censor_Not (2017-02-09 18:10:05 / 5 stars):

Yay! You fixed it! 5 stars for the work you put in on that! And to offset the 3-star thing... :-) 8-)

Benderbee (2017-02-09 19:07:36):

Thank you for the five star review! icon-image/14486-16x16x32.png image

HeyoMayo (2017-02-14 14:29:11 / 2.5 stars):

Meh |-)

StickyChannel92 (2017-02-17 19:26:45 / 4 stars):

I like this set, only if you can expand it a little bit.
icon-image/14704-64x64x32.png image

Benderbee (2017-02-22 19:12:38):

If I had to make all of these with 48 pixel sides and 256 pixel sides, they'd all be out of order and I'd have to bucket them all. Like I said before, I am only 11. No one can be just perfect and uniform.

Supa Starman (2017-02-25 01:27:43 / 4.5 stars):

I think it;s okay. =)
mine aren't that great so I can't say anything negative haha.

Benderbee (2017-02-26 01:53:27):

Glad you like them! I guess you are in the same boat, going across the "Not Too Skilled Canal"? :-D

Boy, oh boy.

Unknown author (2017-03-07 19:45:00):

im glad nwho maked memes i LOVE Fr0g! :P


Benderbee (2017-03-09 02:06:29):

@Unknown author

Unknown author (2017-04-05 18:02:28):


Benderbee (2017-04-06 16:01:32):

@Unknown author
Thank you!

ツ Mimi Destino ♡ (2017-05-09 23:28:55 / 5 stars):


мутнι¢αℓ✧ (2017-05-15 16:26:45 / 4 stars):

cool :D! Can you plz try making Undertale cursors of Frisk or the other characters? Thanks!

Unknown author (2017-07-07 19:07:43):

Ooh, can you try making a monster soul cursor? Shouldn't be too hard, just take a soul, flip it upside down, fill it with white and VOILA! Monster soul cursor!

Benderbee (2017-07-08 21:03:44):


That seems kind of hard, how about I do so in the future?

@Unknown author
I can try that.

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