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Insane Games (2021-01-05 18:01:07 / 5 stars):


I like them they look hand drawn if they actually ARE hand drawn you are very talented

ファントム (2021-01-05 18:16:43):

Thank You and yes they are hand-drawn :-D these are my first 5 icons!

Insane Games (2021-01-05 20:59:27):

AMAZING!!! I LOVE THE icon-20413 ONE BEST!!!!

If you want to know how to do that I can teach you :-D

PM me about it then I will post how to do it on your profile page

ファントム (2021-01-06 01:41:16):


Insane Games (2021-01-06 02:00:36):

I will post it

Maybe tomorrow i will coz i don't have any time today :-(

ファントム (2021-01-06 02:06:14):

ight np
btw i posted a cursor pack!
check it out if ya want

Insane Games (2021-01-06 02:15:18):


Also I would love it if you can make icons of the windows recycle bin and an icon of the microsoft edge logo please :-D oh and btw make those hand-drawn please :-D

and maybe a roblox studio one??

Unknown author (2021-01-06 10:44:12):

Nice. Love going back to the classics.

ファントム (2021-01-06 15:07:19):

ight cotton candy i have an edge one il make a rbx studio one!

and yes i did my own gradients too
even if it looks like I took a picture and traced it and kept it there

ファントム (2021-01-06 16:12:45):

i got your roblox studio one cotton candy :-)

Insane Games (2021-01-06 19:52:41):

Thanks icon-14468



Whoa how u make gradient

I only use the online cursor editor

I don't have enough space on my computer to download rw cursor editor

I am using my school computer

I will download and use them on my windows 10

ファントム (2021-01-06 20:15:27):

ayo no problem :-)

Insane Games (2021-01-06 23:28:01):

Thx for making them i am using them now

Also what do you see as my icon??

Do you see an astronaut or a default boy face??

Insane Games (2021-01-07 02:05:43):

Also rename the roblox studio icon to roblox studio astro candy coz i changed my nick (if you want too)

ファントム (2021-01-07 02:29:41):


ʄʟɨӼ (2021-01-07 15:35:15 / 5 stars):

Nice job spadezplz! I think that pack looks sick ;-). I like how you did the gradients for Roblox and Roblox studio, but besides the pack being called random, you should stick to a simple pack because it fits this more. Good job!

-Sorry, forgot to rate

eeveelover64 (2021-01-07 16:48:35):

whats serato studio?

ファントム (2021-01-07 17:37:04):

its a free trial music maker thingy

Insane Games (2021-01-07 19:08:29):

This is better https://onlinesequencer.net/

J (2021-01-09 12:48:29 / 4 stars):

I really like the aesthetics on the Edge Icon

ファントム (2021-01-09 23:25:06):


Insane Games (2021-02-21 18:49:21):

Phantom, there is a new Roblox Studio logo. Would you be willing to make a gradient version of that, like you did with the old logo? icon-20421

RIDDLER (2021-03-19 19:25:29 / 5 stars):

Very colorful.

Unknown author (2021-03-24 14:43:08):

i liked it

Elias (2021-05-11 07:30:12 / 5 stars):


꧁Leo꧂シ (2021-07-22 21:49:24 / 4.5 stars):


WOW Good Job ファントム
:-D 8-)

ファントム (2021-07-23 16:14:17):

;-) :-D

Unknown author (2022-04-06 00:41:17):


✧ • Skyler • ✧ (2022-05-03 19:00:49 / 4.5 stars):

WOW, nada mal B)
Pero deberia ser un poco mas original,
yo te doy 4.5 estrellas :-)
Sugerencia : Podrias hacer un icono de zoom modo galaxy pls ?

cubydude (2022-06-30 01:41:43 / 5 stars):

so cool icon-image/24331-16x16x32.png image

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