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Insane Games (2021-01-07 22:36:08):

Im working on a microsoft logo one after i add a few more to this

RIDDLER (2021-01-07 23:02:15 / 5 stars):

I like your Google icons. They are needed for Google related tasks. Thanks for uploading them.

Unknown author (2021-01-07 23:51:44):

Im thinking im not gonna make microsoft logos anymore

Insane Games (2021-01-07 23:52:04):

Oops! But yes that was me.

ファントム (2021-01-08 15:41:24 / 4.5 stars):

These are good!
I like the Gmail one!
the only problem with this is the white background on some of em
but otherwise, they are good! ;-)

Insane Games (2021-01-08 18:06:31):

Yea i have no idea how to get rid of the white background on some of them :-(

ファントム (2021-01-08 18:46:59):

I can help!
if you edit the logos with any software use the eraser and erase the white,
and it makes it transparent

Insane Games (2021-01-08 20:39:55):

Ya but I will erase the picture then bro

I now know how to do it with Paint 3D but it is very hard.

RIDDLER (2021-01-08 21:03:55):

5 more stars.

Insane Games (2021-01-11 23:44:18):

LOL :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

jeb_andDinnerbone (2021-03-15 04:43:58 / 4.5 stars):

Or if you just look for one that is transparent! Use a dark mode extension (on your browser) to check if its transparent! Welp! 4.5/5 4 u!

Insane Games (2021-03-16 01:58:32):

I know how to make them transparent but don't want to waste time just doing a little fix y'know

Diamond (2021-11-05 15:42:56 / 5 stars):

I really like the logos! I know how to make them transparent, but you need the images still. first, go to https://remove.bg and upload the images then press download and that's it for removing the white/background! now upload the images without the backgrounds and you are all set!

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