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Unknown author (2008-05-02 00:00:00):

Hey man, that's totally awesome. I remember seeing the POC videos of this last year and was pretty impressive if it's the same technology. Nice work on implementing it, your Picture Resizer has just increased usefulness ten-fold.

Vlasta (2008-05-02 00:00:00):

It is similar, but adapted to be usable without an interactive user interface. Usually better than cropping when adjusting a photograph for widescreen displays.

stef11 (2008-10-08 00:00:00):

I can't download pfoto Resizer 400 , please can you help me ?

justm1ke (2008-11-26 00:00:00):

An excellent, easy to use tool that's free and actually works!

I have a suggestion regarding the instructions to use Control Panel to determine your screen/display resolution. Here is an easier and quicker method:

Current text:

If you are not sure, what resolution is your display using, look up the display properties in Control Panel.

Suggested text:

To find the resolution of your display, Right-Click on a clear area of your desktop and select Properties>>Settings. You will find the Screen Resolution slider on the left side of the Properties window. The display resolution is shown directly below the slider.
You can find (and adjust) your display's Color Quality (depth) here as well. Color Quality info and selection is located on the right side of the tab.


Thanks for producing high-quality software - keep up the good work!

justm1ke :0)

Unknown author (2009-01-18 18:00:07):

I have some problems trying to resample picture for some digital frame (480x234) and it seems that G480x234 is causing photo resizer to hang...

Vlasta (2009-01-19 11:55:55):

Retargeting (the GXxY mode) can be very slow if the size difference is big, just give it some more time...

Unknown author (2009-02-27 22:09:45):

Is it possible to retain the original location of the images when converted?

IE. I've 40 photos in C:\photos\sunday
IE. I've 25 photos in c:\photos\easter

When I use the command "-cC:\images" it copies all the photos to that one directory, not retaining their original locations.

I want "-cC:\images" to do the following

a). Resized images go to C:\images\sunday
b). Resized images go to C:\images\monday

Not all going to C:\images!!

Thanks :-)

Vlasta (2009-03-01 09:51:41):

Check the examples. The -c flag must specify template for the whole file path. Like "-cC:\Images\<PATH><NAME>.jpg"

Unknown author (2009-04-02 01:59:42):

This is a real cool program!

Unknown author (2009-07-20 23:38:19):

How do i delete the old files?

Unknown author (2009-12-25 23:29:29):

i want to use the <INDEX> variable to rename all of my resized images.
I would like to point photoresize at a directory and have it resize all the photos in that directory and rename them 1.JPG, 2.JPG, 3.JPG, etc...

How do I accomplish this?

I tried:
PhotoResize800x600.exe -q100 C:\images "-cC:\resized\<PATH><NAME><INDEX>.JPG"

Unknown author (2010-02-22 11:55:43):

Hello, how can I delete the "Resize Picture" shortcut when I right-click an image file?

I got rid of this application but the shortcut stills there, can anybody help please?

Vlasta (2010-02-23 00:40:03):

Use the 'Remove all' button.

Unknown author (2010-04-02 21:30:44):

PhotoResize800x600.exe -q100 "-cC:\resized\<INDEX>.JPG" C:\images

miguipda (2010-05-02 09:03:18):


this is the really perfect program I always use.

I just have a little need with the same idea.
I explain :
I use your PhotoResizer to manage our pictures that must be displayed on different size on our webpages. But I also need to be able to apply a watermark on each and this is what I need. It means I need an option with PhotoResizer to tell him to apply a watermark automatically sized to the picture size.

By example :
I have a picture I resized with PhotoResizer360.exe
Presume I have a watermark picture (transparent in my case) that have a smaller size (or bigger it can be the same). This watermark can be decided (by you the developer of this program) that it must be called watermark.gif (gif can respect transparency) and must be present in the picture folder.
Then if I well have a watermark.gif on the picture folder I want to resize I can use the photoresizerW360.exe (by example I use the W option) and it means the picture will be resized to 360 and the watermark will be automatically resized to the 360 value and applied on the new resized picture.

Or if you prefer it can be acceptable we must first resize the picture to 360 (by photoresizer360) after what we must use something like photoresizerW to just apply the watermark with the picture destination size.

Do you think you can do it for us ?

Sincerely thanks.

Miguipda ;-)

Unknown author (2010-05-11 22:23:58):

Excellent program and perfect for building web images etc

Quick question though please...

Ive set up a short cut writing to a new folder but having to copy the images back to original folder is becoming a pain... Ive tried various settings of <PATH><Name> etc but cant get it to overwrite the original images with the original name in the original folder..

I can get new images into the original folder but it renames them with the size etc.. ANy advice as to how I can right click a subfolder, select my Resize shortcut but update the images in the folder Ive selected overwriting the original? (I'm happy (and trusting!) that after 3/4 yrs of doing it manually yourproduct does-what-it-says-on-the tin!!!

Unknown author (2010-05-11 22:26:55):

Sorry quick follow up

My current shortcut is -cC:\xxxxx\ResizeImages\<NAME>.jpg -e

but what Im after is something like -c"original selected folder"\"original name".jpg -e but -cC:\<PATH>\<NAME>.jpg doesnt seem to rename the files...

regards and Thanks again for an excellent utility

Vlasta (2010-05-11 22:31:36):

I am sorry, I am not sure if I understand what you are asking. Try the -i flag...

Unknown author (2010-05-11 22:40:21):

wow quick answer... found what I wanted by renaming to PhotoResizeF1400x1400ICSEH.exe Thanks for the quick response and will try they -i switch

Vlasta (2010-05-11 22:41:33):

-i is equivalent to the I letter in your filename...

And remove the C, current folder is not the source folder.

Unknown author (2010-05-11 22:45:50):

ok doesnt do whay I want sorry!!..

Better example
I have folder called c:\xxxx\A\angela Smith and I want to be able to right click, select my custom shortcut to PhotoResizeF1400x1400ICSEH.exe and put the updated images back into that folder, then if I select c:\xxxx\A\Anabell Smith it overwrites them there

Sorry dont want to be a pest but excellent advice always accepted :-)

Vlasta (2010-05-11 23:11:58):

I thought you wanted them overwriting the originals.

PeterSm (2010-05-11 23:36:36):

Sorry yes I did but it renamed them xxxx1400x1400 and creates a smaller "Duplicate"..

Ive got it working from a cmd line
PhotoResizeF1400x1400ISEH.exe "C:\xxxxx\C\CARS GT" "-cC:\<ROOT>\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" -e -i

but would like to be able to replicate that on any one of the 10,000 folders I have passing in the path via the context menus you can create.

If I use "-cC:\<ROOT>\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" -e -i on the context menu I get an error occurred when it hits an image it's tried to resize

(sorry now registered so thats why name change)

Vlasta (2010-05-12 00:20:02):

I would recommend to read the documentation carefully, details are important in this case. Here is a couple of hints:

  • F1400x1400 is the same as simply using 1400
  • the switches invert the flags, using I and then -i has no effect
  • "-cC:\<ROOT>\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" would not work, because the tool cannot simultaneously read and write a file (that would be risky) - that is why there is the -i switch
  • switches only influence files specified AFTER them on the command line

You probably want to use:
PhotoResize1400ISEH.exe "C:\xxxxx\C\CARS GT"
This will overwrite the files.

You can add this to the context menu if you wish.
You can also add R to process all subfolders.

PeterSm (2010-05-12 00:42:24):

Great thank you for your advice.

Unknown author (2010-06-29 09:06:16):

Hi, is this program using ERRORLEVELS ?
If I resize an existent image to an unexistent path, where it will be created ?
It doesn't return errors and I can't find the image.


Vlasta (2010-06-29 10:43:24):

It is a batch processor and one failed image is not considered a critical error. It just prints an error message on the screen and continues. Error is only returned if the parameters on command line are wrong.

Images are by default created in the same folder, but it can be overridden by the -c with a template of the destination file path and name.

Unknown author (2011-06-20 11:02:29):

any reason I'm getting

"Error occured while processing: C:\XAMPP\xampp\htdocs\EcosExpo\img\news\resizeme\546afffc.jpg"

when using the image carving? the name of my exe is PhotoResizeG400x150.exe

it seems like it can't carve when the dimensions are off too much


Unknown author (2011-12-04 22:46:08):

I'd like to retarget portrait and landscape seperately to keep pictures accordingly:
PhotoResize.exe -r -if -g400x640 "-cD:\tmp3\Result\<PATH><NAME>.jpg" -e -u -m %1

But although I specify "-if" it always resizes everything. How can I do this?

Vlasta (2011-12-05 00:12:07):

the full condition must be used, for example: "-if X<Y"

Unknown author (2011-12-05 23:45:25):

Thanks it works now!

Unknown author (2012-02-04 21:42:03):

Can you give a complete command line example for copying and resizing files from one certain folder to another one? Couldn´t figure it out :-(

Unknown author (2012-05-01 14:32:11):

how do I rename the image output?

Unknown author (2012-09-10 15:45:54):

wht a nice application software

Unknown author (2014-03-28 10:38:47):

is it possible to copy images smaller than specified resize dimensions to the target folder with the others instead of skipping?

Unknown author (2014-09-22 22:42:15):


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