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What is image carving?

Image seam carving is an algorithm for content-aware image resizing invented by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir ( The method takes content of the resized image into account and removes least significant pixels first.

Picture Resizer 3.0 uses combination of classic image resampling and image carving to change both size and aspect ratio of a picture and preserve as much of the original as possible while filling the whole destination rectangle.

Adjusting wallpapers

The need to adjust aspect ratio of wallpapers was the main motivation for the addition of the retargeting function in Picture Resizer 3.0. While digital cameras usually have a 4:3 aspect ratio, LCD displays use another ones, like 5:4, 8:5 or 16:9. PhotoResize.exe can adjust your photos for your display. Just let it know your wishes and pray.

Retargeting using image carving
Image aspect ratio was changed. Note that the clouds appear to have been moved rather than distorted.

How to do it

Rename the application and use the G letter in the filename before the actual resolution. Then drag and drop the photo on the tool's icon and it will adjust it for you. Here are the 4 most typical settings:

  • PhotoResizeG1024x768.exe - 14", 15" displays.
  • PhotoResizeG1280x1024.exe - 17", 19" displays.
  • PhotoResizeG1600x1200.exe - 19" and larger displays.
  • PhotoResizeG1680x1050.exe - 19" and larger displays (wide screen).

If you are not sure, what resolution is your display using, look up the display properties in Control Panel. Your internet browser states that your screen resolution is: pixels.


Get Picture Resizer from the main page.

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user icon Vlasta site administrator on December 5th 2011

the full condition must be used, for example: "-if X<Y"

user icon Anonymous on December 5th 2011

Thanks it works now!

user icon Anonymous on February 4th 2012

Can you give a complete command line example for copying and resizing files from one certain folder to another one? Couldn´t figure it out :-(

user icon Anonymous on May 1st 2012

how do I rename the image output?

user icon Anonymous on September 10th 2012

wht a nice application software

user icon Anonymous on March 28th 2014

is it possible to copy images smaller than specified resize dimensions to the target folder with the others instead of skipping?

user icon Anonymous on September 22nd 2014


user icon Anonymous on September 2nd 2022

i downloaded the resize on a different computer and it is not the same size as my other computer

user icon Anonymous on November 13th 2022

BUGS: CMYK color model image conversion

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I need to resize images to 1024 x 600
how would I do this?

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