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Unknown author (2011-10-31 18:05:57):

Hey where is mirror?

Unknown author (2012-02-02 16:01:44):



Unknown author (2012-03-11 18:13:16):

oo no te entendi jeje estas en isglish deja de ablar ese idomaa pero lo aser
supe :-D :-( :- 8-) o r
eso es resuper se aser el de camtasia studio 7

NEOC (2012-03-16 23:13:06):

¿Tienes algún problema con que hable en inglés? Cada cual se comunica como puede, y los que no pueden, se van a buscar traductores

Unknown author (2012-05-06 02:50:37):

Fail. I don't know how. There is no such buttons in my realworld paint

heck.anna (2012-05-30 21:27:00):

i use the cursor part of real world.... hahahahahahahaha this dude farted^^^^

Unknown author (2012-08-08 12:38:44):

There is a stupid bug. When i want to flip the selected image, it flips the whole image! Can any1 help?

Vlasta (2012-08-08 13:11:41):

Yes, it works like this. The behavior can be changed, but it is pretty difficult as it is buried in a very complicated configuration window. Maybe a temporary solution would be to copy the floating selection into a new layer and flip that layer. I'll see what can be done about it in the next version.

Say on (2012-09-08 09:29:10):

Hey Can you Make some option by which I can change which logo to show when I open Real World Paint????????????????PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vlasta (2012-09-08 14:16:58):

The splash mods? No, it is not possible, the little extras appear at random times, some of them quite rarely.

Say on (2012-09-09 11:47:49):

Hey please help me ..................
when i am making a animation and the clicking the File,Edit,View,Image,Adjust,Effect,Ps-filter,Mask,Layer,Animation,Tools,or Help tab and clicking something inside it no action is taken ..............
Suppose i click the File tab and click the save the save box is not appearing (not saved file) but when i press 'Control (CTRL) + S' the box is appearing................
please see to it in the next version..............

it is happening to raster images also

It is happening to ALLLL image formats

Say on (2012-09-09 16:15:18):

HEY How i can bring a Unicorn 3D object

in RW cursor

Say on (2012-09-10 15:25:13):

Oh i have find it .. BUT SEE the previous POST WITH 12 PLEASE

Vlasta (2012-09-10 16:18:50):

replied to you when you re-posted the question it on my blog...

BTW you should start a forum topic when you have a problem, not post comments on various unrelated pages

Unknown author (2012-10-13 02:59:18):

How do i turn the line black?

Unknown author (2013-07-04 12:13:13):


Unknown author (2014-06-28 18:08:38):

free gut :-)

Unknown author (2014-09-07 21:33:43):

Ok this is totally the BEST CURSOR EDITOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!! MY CURSOR IS BOSS BROS!!!!!!!! :-D :-) 8-)

Unknown author (2016-10-22 22:34:02):

Is there a way to put to colors on a layer and smudge them together? :-(

Unknown author (2018-04-30 13:58:07):



who is my friend?

Unknown author (2019-02-17 02:32:26):

I live remotely with No internet most of the time, it would nice to enable viewer to download Tutorial video for viewing on line, to get steady internet I travel 30-40KMS with my laptop and a power supply generator.

Unknown author (2021-08-16 12:26:30):

8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2021-11-20 12:30:31):

its good i costumise my win 10 cursors

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