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Unknown author (2018-03-30 04:54:20):

Hello,Do you have toots used on Linux?Email:1280060904@qq.com

Unknown author (2019-08-04 04:13:53):

Not working. "Error occured while processing".
Can it be that original file too big?

Mail - saderifet@gmail.com

Unknown author (2019-11-24 22:10:41):

You rock!!! I can't believe that Adobe Photoshop doesn't support .webp here at the end of 2019. There are some out-dated plugins out there that claim to provide .webp support for Photoshop, but getting them to work in the latest version of Photoshop is 'challenging'. Your command line webp2gif.exe worked perfectly the first time I used it! I love how it will convert either an individual .webp file *or* a directory of .webp files!! I'm sticking some keywords in here in hopes that other people who were having the same issues I was having will find your site! Adobe Photoshop open convert webp .webp gif .gif image format 2019 2020

Unknown author (2020-01-14 18:03:49):

EXACTLY what I wanted, noting I did not. Brilliant simplicity. :-)

Unknown author (2020-03-06 02:19:30):

It worked out for me. Used in for 100 files. Unfortunately, Avira is throwing some Warnings. But the Program works! ^^

Unknown author (2020-03-16 06:54:53):

Thanks but the quality of final gifs is not good can you please fix it to use the maximum number of colors in a GIF 255 ? now it produces shaddy images with low number of colors .. or if i am using wrong parameteres or something wrong please let me know ? thanks again

aassaker (2020-04-21 02:00:19):


Unknown author (2020-04-26 10:08:08):


Unknown author (2020-05-02 21:59:08):

this simple soft works great, it's fast, easy to use, just perfect. Thank you!

Unknown author (2020-05-16 18:24:21):

Absolutely awesome, yes I am in awe.
I converted 300 webp animations to gif only 12 failed and now my dj video sets are what I imagined 20 years ago! great app.

Unknown author (2020-05-25 00:50:57):

:-D <type your comment here>It works!! I can't believe how easy and simple it was.
Thanks man.

Unknown author (2020-06-05 06:40:20):

Thank you, you're a life saver.

Unknown author (2020-06-12 13:35:00):

Wish the quality was not so bad. It's unusable.

Unknown author (2020-07-03 11:52:54):

Just what I was looking for, but as another reviewer has mentioned, the output quality is lacking. Any chance this can be improved?

Unknown author (2020-07-09 12:54:26):

This would be great if the quality was better. Woks well but images quality bad.

Unknown author (2020-07-10 12:47:55):

Just use Gimp. It's free and the latest version supports webp to gif conversion, including animated gifs. see this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T3mp0EoxBA

Unknown author (2020-07-27 01:26:44):

so fucking good! the best I've ever tried!

Unknown author (2020-08-01 22:52:16):

Very big thanks

Unknown author (2020-08-02 03:49:54):

Well, I just tried to use it on 10 webp files and yes, it did convert all those files from webp to gif, however it did NOT keep the animation, so useless to me, since the animation was the important piece of the file. So, I am not sure how it is possible it worked for other users here. I am using an up-to-date version of Windows 10, but I don't think that's the issue here.

Unknown author (2020-09-25 00:50:23):

that is very cool

Unknown author (2020-10-09 22:46:15):


Unknown author (2020-10-22 17:22:16):

Unusable output quality

Unknown author (2020-12-24 13:38:49):

Quality depends heavily on input files. Sometimes it's usable, sometimes it's not. Very unreliable in its current stage.

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