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Unknown author (2014-03-03 12:43:10):

how to use

Unknown author (2014-08-24 17:34:21):

Why I don't have that tool?

Unknown author (2014-09-01 03:53:15):

Hi there !

How do we do this : copy a selected portion of one image and then paste it in a selected region in another image in such a way that if the first cut image is bigger than the targeted selection, only what's in the target region is copied and the nothing overflows outside the targetted region !

When I did this, I always get the whole copied image in the target "image" because I always lose my target region !!!

Best regards, Benoit

In other words, can the copied portion from one image act like a brush and be inserted in a target region in another image so nothing outside the target region is affected ?

Best regards, Benoit

Vlasta (2014-09-01 09:01:21):

You must do it differently. First you paste, then you resize it as it is shown in the tutorial between 3:00 and 3:20. Different path, but the same end result. If the selection is bigger than your image, simply use the mouse wheel to zoom out and you'll see the control handles and will be able to shrink it.

Unknown author (2014-09-01 20:31:22):

This is not the solution cuz the copied part have to keep its original size so no zooming allowed on it. The goal of the operation is to replace a specific part (deteriorated) of an image with its intact previous state taken from an other pre-transformed image. So, I copy a bigger than necessary wanted section on the intact image to be pasted in a specificly selected region of the corrupted image to be restored. In other words, I "carve" a custom window in the target image where I want to insert a bigger intact section that overflow the window, but only want the window section to be restored. The pasted bigger image have to keep it's original size (no zooming)...

This operation is a breeze in "Ultimate Paint" but I am now trying your PWI !

Best regards, Benoit

Vlasta (2014-09-01 21:45:22):

Now I see what you want. You can do it for example like this: Select the hole in the image, where you want to paste. Press Delete key to actually make it a hole. Copy and paste the other image into the image with the hole. Select the "Paint under" mode in the toolbar above the canvas (it may be hidden if you have a small window - there will be an arrow at the end of the toolbar in that case). (Or paste the image as a new layer and move the layer below the layer with the hole.)

Unknown author (2014-09-02 04:16:15):


That's what I needed !

Many thanks, Benoit

Ps : can you implement a feature to import/export the curent desctop wallpaper to work on and reinstall as new ? The "capture" function does capture unwanted objects (icons, etc...)

Vlasta (2014-09-02 20:56:35):

maybe as a plug-in; depends on whether it is worth the maintenance cost

Unknown author (2014-09-03 00:23:20):

Last but not least : why does RWI do a clipbord grabbing in ordre to open ? Why do you need the clipboard content ?


Regards, Benoit

Vlasta (2014-09-03 08:06:39):

There is a "Image from clipboard" wizard on the "Create" page which shows preview of what is on clipboard (if it is an image).

Unknown author (2014-09-03 20:44:53):

Ok ! Now can you make the program still open and work if we block the clipboard grabbing operation ?

Vlasta (2014-09-03 21:19:34):

Let's take one step back here. The application does not actually "grab" the content of the clipboard until you select the Wizard or paste something into an open image. Before that, it will just check what formats are available on the clipboard to see, whether it should enable the "paste" button or not.

I am not sure why you would want to block the program from accessing the clipboard. That will limit the usability quite significantly and I see no point in that. I am not sure if you can somehow do it, maybe you can.

Unknown author (2014-09-04 18:34:35):

Thanks for the precision ! I have a security program that blocks any program from "snooping" (accessing) my clipboard content, and more, for security reasons and this prevent RWI from openning ! I am not inclined to disable my security programs each time I open RWI |-) And I wont need to use that feature in a forseeing future anyway.

If you're not familiar for why one would do this, you surely don't know that hackers can snoop at the clipboard content to steal passwords, the reason for exisance of such security anti-clipboard snooping that security-aware people like me uses.

Best regards, Benoit

Vlasta (2014-09-04 20:10:56):

Sure, security is important. Though, in this case it seems extreme. Cutting oneself from an important feature seems unjustified. But it is each person's choice.

Unknown author (2014-09-07 04:23:50):

So, you could move the clipboard "snooping" routine just one step upward into RWI "Image from clipboard" (IFC) button instead of in the program starting procedures so that if we don't click the IFC button, no clipboard snooping is performed at start of program. It should be a more logical and less intrusive procedure, don't you agree ? If you don't agree to that logical approach, well, I rest my case and don't understand you !

Best regards, Benoit

Vlasta (2014-09-07 13:04:57):

OK, let's clarify "snooping". It may mean either that the program says to Windows that it wants to be notified when content on the clipboard changes, or to actually pull the content from the clipboard.

#1 snooping = receiving notifications (and checking what kind of content is on clipboard)
The notifications are used not just for the wizard, but also for enabling/disabling of buttons once you open a file. Basically, if you do anything at all with the program (except just closing it immediately after opening it), it will need the notifications for proper function. Doing what you propose would complicate things (because then I would have to remember whether I have already activated it or not in each place that depends on the notifications being active). Each such added complexity has associated costs. My time is a limited resource and it is not like I can add a feature and forget about it - maintenance costs matter.

#2 snooping = pulling the content
This is not happening. The actual content is grabbed when you click on the wizard or when you click on Paste. Not sure if possibly something else is not pulling the content. There is an embedded web browser on the Online page, which is a Microsoft Windows component. I am not sure how that interacts with the clipboard.

Unknown author (2014-09-07 22:23:58):

Thank you for the explanations !

I understand your financial/time/development restrictions. I will have to go on a "trust" basis and live with it ! You garantee that NO clipboard snooping (read/fetching content) is performed and I must take your word for it. If it you actually did, you surely would'nt tell me or anyone. I'll have to trust you and... cross my fingers 8-)

Best regards, Benoit

Vlasta (2014-09-08 11:18:58):

Well, I do not think a large amount trust is necessary in this case, just do not copy any sensitive information into the clipboard while the program is running and you are safe no matter what the program does with the clipboard. Clipboard is this public place and its purpose is to let programs communicate with each other. Putting passwords into a public place is bad in any case.

Unknown author (2014-09-09 02:50:45):

Indeed !

But to adjust your beliefs, the clipboard is "public"... only to the pc itself ! NOT to the outside world... ;-)

Best regards, Benoit

Unknown author (2014-11-28 12:06:48):

Hey, I know this is a little off topic, but when I updated from RWPain 2011.1 to 2013.1, I couldn't find the 'Render Fractal' tool anymore. Can you help?

Vlasta (2014-11-28 13:07:44):

Try re-installing the plug-in.

Unknown author (2015-12-16 23:26:23):

I can not find the shape select. It's not listed in that box.

Spark (2015-12-16 23:33:41):

Where is the shape select? It doesn't appear in the box.

robertj sullivan (2019-01-09 16:33:41):

Thank you for the explanations !

Unknown author (2020-03-28 02:06:18):

ho do i put images fom my pc (paste images)

Unknown author (2023-10-19 18:06:05):

sung ningmouse culrsor
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