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Unknown author (2009-12-04 17:03:02):


Teddy (2010-01-01 16:45:58):

u only made one set, but wow!

Unknown author (2010-01-17 03:17:16):

i cant use it. help?

Unknown author (2010-01-19 16:50:01):

OMG how do i do? =O

Unknown author (2010-01-30 22:10:46):

omg how do i doO=

Unknown author (2010-02-13 00:44:32):

i cant set it as my cursor HELP ME!!!!!!!

Unknown author (2010-02-17 00:13:50):

omg why isn't it friken working????

p.s runescape name is "as cool as a"

Unknown author (2010-03-02 20:44:39):

dont w0r !<

Unknown author (2010-03-05 00:13:36):

it doesn't work for me because it says i need to know the name of the editor or something... is this what is happening to you guys? Please comment to tell me if you're having the same problem and someone please help us!! thanks

Unknown author (2010-04-03 09:28:33):

help me

Unknown author (2010-04-05 00:33:14):

well good website i got b.g.s. and whip from it ; )

Unknown author (2010-04-05 00:51:10):

hey of you want fun/great rs clan wars add :lost dh pkr0: btw the 0 is a number 0 not an normal letter o lol =)

Unknown author (2010-04-10 22:55:58):

it works just use it dehhh

Unknown author (2010-04-14 17:10:37):

It keeps saying I need to know what program created it

Unknown author (2010-04-25 21:36:58):

omg it keep saying something about that u ned to nknow what program is created by!!! plzzz help

Unknown author (2010-05-19 18:28:03):

what the hell! this thing whit the cursor aren't working, please help me and write how to do. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Unknown author (2010-05-20 06:02:11):

it works yippy

Unknown author (2010-07-01 16:23:35):

je ne sais pas comment installer les cursors sa ne fonctionne pas >:s

Unknown author (2010-07-07 22:24:02):

this doesnt work help me please!!!!!

Unknown author (2010-07-13 23:27:45):

ty it works got godsword cursor.

Unknown author (2010-08-01 19:23:05):

how do u make it work?!?!?!?!?

Unknown author (2010-11-09 22:07:56):

please help me how do I use it ?? I have tryed almost every thing

Unknown author (2010-12-14 21:11:01):

guys! how do his work ! it says that my adobe reader isnt good eough or somthing :S :-(

Anonymous (2010-12-29 10:37:40):

you are Supposed to use art-cursors or sib-cursor-editor
I hope this is usful

Anonymous (2010-12-29 10:40:12):

adobe reader? no! you might only not be not used to it maybe.

joda64329 (2011-02-13 16:18:41):

Nice Runescape cursors :-D

Unknown author (2011-02-21 14:40:13):

this doesnt work help me please!!!!!

Unknown author (2011-04-17 21:05:31):

:-( it duznt work when i dowloaded it it just puts it in my pictures u should explain to everyone how it works

Unknown author (2011-09-30 20:36:45):


Unknown author (2011-11-23 19:04:07):

;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-) yeah buddy

Unknown author (2012-08-08 17:59:28):

i have an ancient staff cursor ty so much!!! :-)

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