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Unknown author (2010-05-03 19:38:40):

Awesome cursers! I downloaded the rainbow gem and love it!

Unknown author (2010-05-23 18:13:12):

rocket burn is my favorite, I laugh as it races across my screen!!!!!

winger (2010-05-24 04:23:36):

Thanks. Glad you are enjoying the fun. I am too. I'm busy messing with rainbow and gold variations now, but exploring rocket burn is up next. So many cursors, so little time...

Fizzenator (2010-07-16 22:42:27):

Nice man you're frickn sweet i didn't download any just saw some of them around the website :-D like ur work!

winger (2010-07-17 04:59:08):


Anonymous (2010-10-21 11:35:33):


Unknown author (2011-11-03 11:01:50):

Could you create amber set in gold cursors? If you could find some spare time that would be amazing! :-D They're really pretty!

Unknown author (2011-11-28 17:02:25):

where is set 606 please?

Unknown author (2014-01-19 21:36:42):

Hi Winger. I have been a huge fan of yours without even knowing it, until today. I finally did a search on this website for the cursor I have been using for about 4 years constantly. No other cursor has been right for me and my needs. I accidentally accredited another author of cursors on this site in 2011 for your cursor which you titled Right Glassy 3D Gold. From the bottom of my visually impaired eyeballs I thank you so very much for helping to make my computer experiences a joy. Without your big yellow cursor, much of my time on computer would have been filled with tears, the look and feel of your cursor is so great to me that none other can compare...although I have wished for the same 4 years that it was a blue or a green instead of yellow...LOL
Thanks so very very very much! You're awesome!

Unknown author (2014-03-19 20:14:12):

omg winger i know im not supposed to be sayign t his on a sight like this but daaaaaamn

Unknown author (2020-11-27 02:52:40):

how to download?

Unknown author (2021-02-13 03:20:41):

I love your cursors, they're very wizard-core. I'm using your sapphire in gold with a totally sick dragon wallpaper and deep purple taskbar, and the red-purple-blue is great to look at. I love how your cursor feels HD and also has an elegant, old look to it.

Unknown author (2021-02-25 02:33:20):

:-D I love love your cursors. Thank you very very much♡

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