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Burning Glass Cursors (13 cursors)

Released on July 26th 2010 by winger

Red hot glass cursors.

Latest art

Burning Glass TeaserBurning Glass Cursors
by winger7690Red hot glass cursors.
Gemstone Sampler in Gold TeaserGemstone Sampler in Gold Cursors
by winger1935All real stones with no color alteration.
Amethyst in Diamonds TeaserAmethyst in Diamonds Cursors
by winger3869From photos of the real gemstones.
Ruby in Diamonds TeaserRuby in Diamonds Cursors
by winger4022Gemstones are from photos of Burma rubies.
Blue Sapphires in Diamonds TeaserBlue Sapphires in Diamonds Cursors
by winger3990The sapphires are from pictures of real Kashmir Blues.
Blue Sapphires In Gold TeaserBlue Sapphires In Gold Cursors
by winger7487These are made from pictures of real Kashmir Blue sapphires.
Flowing Transparent Rainbow TeaserFlowing Transparent Rainbow Cursors
by winger19kThese are the improved version of Transparent Rainbow Cursors. The s...
Flowing Rainbow Gold TeaserFlowing Rainbow Gold Cursors
by winger5119These are a lot like Rainbow Gold, but the transparent rainbow center...

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user icon Fizzenator registered user on July 16th 2010

Nice man you're frickn sweet i didn't download any just saw some of them around the website :-D like ur work!

user icon winger registered user on July 17th 2010


user icon Anonymous registered user on October 21st 2010


user icon Anonymous on November 3rd 2011

Could you create amber set in gold cursors? If you could find some spare time that would be amazing! :-D They're really pretty!

user icon Anonymous on November 28th 2011

where is set 606 please?

user icon Anonymous on January 19th 2014

Hi Winger. I have been a huge fan of yours without even knowing it, until today. I finally did a search on this website for the cursor I have been using for about 4 years constantly. No other cursor has been right for me and my needs. I accidentally accredited another author of cursors on this site in 2011 for your cursor which you titled Right Glassy 3D Gold. From the bottom of my visually impaired eyeballs I thank you so very much for helping to make my computer experiences a joy. Without your big yellow cursor, much of my time on computer would have been filled with tears, the look and feel of your cursor is so great to me that none other can compare...although I have wished for the same 4 years that it was a blue or a green instead of yellow...LOL
Thanks so very very very much! You're awesome!

user icon Anonymous on March 19th 2014

omg winger i know im not supposed to be sayign t his on a sight like this but daaaaaamn

user icon Anonymous on November 27th 2020

how to download?

user icon Anonymous on February 13th 2021

I love your cursors, they're very wizard-core. I'm using your sapphire in gold with a totally sick dragon wallpaper and deep purple taskbar, and the red-purple-blue is great to look at. I love how your cursor feels HD and also has an elegant, old look to it.

user icon Anonymous on February 25th 2021

:-D I love love your cursors. Thank you very very much♡

user icon Anonymous
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