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J (2021-01-19 22:01:02):

You've got a nice name there :-D

Dark_Samus (2021-01-19 22:31:07):

Are you trying to use html in your name...

ClairvoyantOS (2021-01-22 18:55:15):

Oop, sorry about that!

Dark_Samus (2021-01-25 18:52:46):


ClairvoyantOS (2021-01-25 18:59:03):

Not really. I kinda know how to program, though.

Dark_Samus (2021-01-25 19:18:11):

You can't believe but i use or knew little about c#, c++, c, javascript, typescript, php, pascal(object pascal), tcl/tk, python, r, java, f#, visual-basic, julia, html, css, latex, json, yaml, toml, lisp(clisp), perl, raku(perl6), rust, go, powershell-script, bash, batch, assembly, lua, fortran... etc.

Phantom (2021-02-05 17:23:33):


ClairvoyantOS (2021-02-16 15:41:59):

I'm on the 11th place in the most productive cursors (Ridged Red was the most productive).

Unknown author (2021-02-17 09:12:12):

Is that a unicode character vyou got in your name "λ" ?

Insane Games (2021-02-19 19:18:38):


Unknown author (2021-02-21 23:33:11):

buenos cursores :-)

๖ۣۣۜCursѻr_MΔKER (2021-03-15 15:19:47):



nibbler (2021-03-24 17:47:53):




♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ (2021-10-14 05:23:23):

I'm In the 2nd place on the most productive cursors at first I was in the first place but Mimi destino has been first and It's not a matter for me icon-image/14468-16x16x32.png image

♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ (2021-10-15 03:56:42):

Hey u have came online for a long long time ago right?

ClairvoyantOS (2021-11-02 16:39:56):


I just haven't been posting often.

ツ☪ Nalexnu ♡♥ (2022-05-17 20:26:39):

Please check out the May TOTM (Theme of the Month) Contest!



ClairvoyantOS (2023-03-08 23:45:03):

Wow, a year later and I still want to make cursors.

Anyways, enough said, I'll be trying to reupload cursors for you guys today. Note that none of the cursors will be made by me from now on. I'll just upload cursors from different sites and I'll see if you guys like them.

Anyways, bye for now.

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