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I love giving away free red spray paints and pieces of wrapping paper! Just message me and I'll be happy to give it to you!

I just got a gray spray paint! Now I'm only looking for pink and I don't know how to get one....I am trying to figure out how.

I'm taking commissions! Each one button. People's names or any object you want. Message meh!

Reached My Goals!

I've finally reached my two goals, to buy the spray paint dispenser and the wrapping paper roll. Thanks so much to those who helped
- Cyrater
- jessicatgirl12
- Vlazteron
- somebodylol
- secret
- C00L CUR$0RS

Because I'm trying to get a wrapping paper roll, I'm selling red spray paints for one button each. Please message me.

I finally got a red spray paint dispenser! Thanks to those who helped! Ask if you need a red spray paint, my next goal is a wrapping paper roll.

Almost There!

My two red spray paints were bought already, I'm only selling a purple spray paint now for 4 buttons if anyone wants it. I currently have 89 buttons, and I'm so close to my goal! Thanks to those who helped

My black spray paint was bought already, if you're looking for a purple or red spray paint please message me. I'm selling the purple for 4 buttons and the red for 3 buttons.

My spray paints are still for sale, each for 4 buttons. Ask and I may be able to lower the price to 3 buttons depending on which color you choose (black, purple, or red).
I am also now looking for a pink spray paint to recolor my name to pink, if anyone has that please contact me and I will either pay 5 buttons or another color of spray paint. Thanks!

Please buy my spraypaints, they are each for 4 buttons because I'm trying to get a spray paint dispenser. I currently have black, purple, and red. Message me!

Cyrater bought my darkgoldenrod spray paint (thanks a lot btw), but I'm still selling the black and the purple spray paints that I have for 4 buttons each. Message me if deal and thank you if you do!

Recommendations (Please Read)

I have three fancy presents that I would like to give away, each with a mystery surprise inside them.
How you could get the fancy presents are to view my two most recent sets cursor-teaser/flowers-in-nature.png image

Hey please let me know if you have buttons for trade, I'm selling my two spray paints (black and darkgoldenrod) each for 4 buttons. If you're interested please let me know. Thanks!

Flowers In Nature Cursors

cursor-teaser/flowers-in-nature.png image
Check out my new flowers in nature cursors!
If there's a flower that isn't in the set that you want me to make, message me with the name of the flower and the color!

I love to make cursors and I take commissions for any cursor that you would like to make! I am pretty good at making objects but not things such as people. Requests for certain types of candy or flower would be greatly appreciated. I am not very good at making the other roles, so i focus on the normal select cursor. Just message me!

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