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Cosmic Journey

Classic arcade space shooter. Check out the hall of fame. Need some helphelp?

Graphics and programming by Honzales, music by sixλxis.

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user icon Child of God registered user on June 1st

I have no idea how I even beat the first level a while ago...

user icon batuzanx registered user on June 29th

oh wow 8-)

user icon andria12345 registered user on July 2nd

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

user icon Swizity_Shweasel registered user on August 18th

somethings up. my ship will randomly cease to function out of nowhere until I am killed. its not my computer, anyone else getting these problems? :-( :-( :-(

user icon dominiPOL registered user on September 16th

and thats how you get buttons cool

user icon PythosIsAwesome registered user on September 16th

rateing gallery stuff is way easier to get buttons :-(

user icon Hyu registered user on September 25th


user icon Commenter registered user on September 28th

How to beat this game:

Step one: You don't.

user icon JeffTheCreepyCreeper registered user on October 9th

THIS IS A GREAT GAME!!! I got 1051 points the first time i played this game.

user icon VrCat registered user on November 13th

Great Jeff! :-D

I got 1099! love this game! :-D

user icon Anonymous
Cosmic Journey
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