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Cosmic Journey

Classic arcade space shooter. Check out the hall of fame. Need some helphelp?

Graphics and programming by Honzales, music by sixλxis.

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user icon Anonymous on December 29th 2013

love this,i played ALL day xd :-D (sorry my english i hungaryan)

user icon 8) registered user on January 8th

yeah when ever i try to play cosmic journey it just comes up as a black screen

user icon Ludwig registered user on January 13th

Always when I finish the 1st level, the ship explodes with a big bang ;-) But then, the levels goes on, as if I wouldn't have achieved it - although there doesn't appear stones anymore. This is quite annoying, because I would like to go on with the next level :-(
I have tried it using Firefox and Google Chrome, both are up to date.

I would like to know if others have this problem too, or if I do something wrong when I destroy the ship!

user icon Vlasta site administrator on January 13th

There is a bug that can sometimes cause this. It was not apparent before, so maybe it only happens in faster browsers. Sometimes the enemy ships disappears out of the screen and therefore cannot be destroyed. It does not happen always. I'll try to fix it.

user icon K-joy-programer12 registered user on January 18th

Kinda hard, and learned the controls fast, and could be helpful with different colors. :-(

user icon Ludwig registered user on February 4th

I've tried it with Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. I also installed Firefox v.17 (current version is 26) to test it, but none of them worked. I also tried to play it with Internet Explorer 10, but there the game didn't even appeared, it just kept black! icon-image/10135-16x16x32.png image

user icon WhoCaresAboutMyNameSeriouslyIDon'tKnow registered user on March 11th

Now why is game on this website? :-o

user icon Sree registered user on March 26th

This is very (ultimate) slow for [x32] processers.

Any key in the keyboard is the music corrupter; when I press a key the music is corrupted but normal when I don't press anything. So I have typed this comment and the music corrupted when I was typing.

user icon Sean Wheeler registered user on April 5th

too hard :-(

user icon SammaySarkar registered user yesterday

not too hard, challenging. |-) But the controls are sluggish.

user icon Anonymous
Cosmic Journey
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