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Cosmic Journey

Classic arcade space shooter. Check out the hall of fame. Need some helphelp?

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Graphics and programming by Honzales, music by sixλxis.

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user icon Anis Cursor registered user on February 23rd

the slower rocks offert more benefices.. 8-)

user icon Anonymous on March 11th

gwuees who dis this

user icon superman11 registered user on March 16th

guys i beat 2602 im noob

nice GUYS I BEAT 3234 :-D

user icon Random person registered user on March 20th

I wish someone made these costumes into a cursor

user icon Anonymous on April 5th

bruh This is gay :-D :-(

user icon eeveelover64 registered user on April 6th

and thats kool :3

user icon Anonymous on May 8th

this is old af |-)

user icon xTikans registered user on May 13th

and? this is a hidden gem my brother in christ. |-)

user icon Dark Falcon registered user on May 21st

hard but fun

user icon Anonymous on May 22nd

so hard

user icon Anonymous
Cosmic Journey
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