Compose icon (Blobby) - Tutorial

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Compose icon (Blobby) - Tutorial

Learn how to compose an icon from ready-to-use parts in RealWorld Icon Editor. This video explains how to download a media pack, assemble and icon and apply effects on its parts.

Narration transcript

Composing icons from premade parts in RealWorld Icon Editor.

Before you can create a new icon from premade parts, you need to obtain those parts. Switch to the Online page, close the Tutorials and Plug-ins sections and focus on Media packs. Find the pack called Blobby and click on Download. Now wait a few seconds while the parts are being installed.

Switch back to the Create page and click on "New raster image". Use the default size of 256 pixels and click on the Create button.

Click on the "File library" button in the toolbar to display the Library panel. Then click on "Activate tag" and select "Blobby" to display all the pictures in the downloaded pack.

Double-click a picture to add it to the image as a new layer. You can delete the initial empty layer if you wish.

Double-click more pictures to add them. You can decide whether you want a highlight or one or two borders.

Finally, pick a symbol. There are 26 ready-to-use more or less useful symbols. I am going to use the spooky skull symbol.

Our icon is ready, but let's see how to customize it a bit more.

Click the background layer and drag the opacity slider to make this layer transparent. I like it opaque.

Click the layer with the skull symbol and then go to menu "Image" and click on "Colorize". Pick a red color and click OK.

Let's do the same with the 2 edges. This way you can apply various effect to the individual parts of the assembled icon.

Red and blue do not fit together, let's make the background gray.

To turn this image into an icon containing all the standard-sized images, click on Create icon and then click OK.

Save your icon.

The Online page of RealWorld Icon Editor gives you access to various resources and image packs are one of them. Check them out, they can help you to make a wide range of icons very quickly.

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