Icon - Create Pre-XP Formats

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Icon - Create Pre-XP Formats

The Create Pre-XP Formats operation is an operation plug-in, which works with icons and generates images with 8-bits and 4-bits color depths from 32-bits images.

Since the 8- and 4-bits formats do not support semitransparent pixels, the operation has to decide whether a semitransparent pixel would become fully opaque or fully transparent. Also, it must determine the color of the semitransparent pixel.

The operation has 2 parameters, the first one determines the threshold for opaque pixels. Pixels below the threshold become fully transparent. The second parameter defines a typical background color for the icon. Semitransparent pixels above the threshold are mixed with this color.


GUID: 29AAD34C-31FC-42A3-B7E3-B849D0B92FC1

Parameter nameTypeDefaultValueNote
Backgroundinteger0xc8d0d40-0xffffffdefault is color of W2k toolbars

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