Cursor Set - Woodstock the Camper

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Woodstock the Camper Cursors

Woodstock the Camper
  • Published on April 7th 2020 by .
  • Released under the Custom (contact author) license.
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Last Update: Jan-2022, new animation!

Woodstock goes camping with you!

To set your cursor:
1. Download and extra the files to your folder. e.g. create a folder inside your Pictures folder
2. Search for "mouse settings"
3. Go to Pointer options
4. Assign "Normal Select" to the Marshmallow on a skewer
5. Assign "Working in Background" to the fire pit
6. Assign "text select" to Fishing
7. Assign "Busy" to Bird nest

If you like it, please share your thoughts :'). More happy faces please.

Ahoy! おい!안녕 哈老

Tags: Anime


by PurpleClick

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user icon Anonymous on November 4th 2020

다운로드를 못하게써어요.....자세하게 알려주세요 :-(

user icon Anonymous on January 15th 2021

커서 다운로드 누르신 후에 파일에 들어가서 다운로드에 들어가면 아이콘 있습니다!

그리고 나서 환경설정에 들어가서 마우스 커서 바꾸시면 됩니다!
바꾸시는 방법을 모르신다면 네이버나 유튜브에 자세히 나와있으니 참고하세요

user icon Anonymous on March 15th 2021

다운로드 완료 했다면 알집에서 압축해제 까지 해줘야 해요

user icon Anonymous on March 24th 2021


user icon Anonymous on April 4th 2021

넘넘 좋아용! 감사합니당!

user icon Anonymous on June 28th 2021


user icon Anonymous on August 19th 2021

너무 조아여 잘 쓸게요

user icon Anonymous on September 6th 2021

최고! 근데 마우스가 클릭을 할때는 다시 기본 마우스 모양으로 돌아옴! 그것만 고처지면 최고!!! ;-)

최악 |-)

user icon PurpleClick registered user on January 14th

I've update the cursor set to include animations. Hopefully renaming them will help fix the above issues. :-D

user icon Anonymous