Downloading and Using Cursors from Library

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Downloading cursors or cursor sets

The cursor library contains both standalone cursors and cursor sets. A cursor set contains multiple cursors with similar style.

To download a cursor click on its file name (for example "MyCursor.cur"), not on its preview image. Your internet browser displays a dialog asking you what it should do with the clicked file. Pick the option that saves the cursor to your computer. If for your browser does not display the download dialog, right-click on the cursor name and select "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." or similar command (the exact wording depends on your browser). Your browser may also ask you to pick a location on your computer to save the file to. You can select any folder, just remember which one you selected - you will need to know where the cursor is to customize your active mouse cursor.

Click on cursor name to download it
If you are having trouble downloading cursors, right-click on cursor's file name and choose "Save target as" from context menu.

Cursor sets are downloaded similarly to cursors - just click on the cursor set name (for example ""). Cursors are stored in a zipped archive and you will need to extract individual cursors before you can use them. If you are not sure what .zip means or how to extract files from a zip archive, stick with downloading individual cursors one by one.

Changing your active cursor

Changing cursor is NOT as simple as double-clicking it. Windows uses different cursors in different situations. You may change cursor for each role in Control Panel. If you change your cursors often, consider using this freeware utility. It can save you a lot of time.

Using Control Panel to change cursor

First, make sure, you have already downloaded the cursor to your computer as described above and you know in which folder the cursor file is.

Follow these steps (assuming you have Windows XP):

  1. In Start menu, click on Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel, double-click Mouse. Switch to classic view or navigate to Hardware and Devices section if you do not see the Mouse icon.
  3. Switch to Pointer tab.
  4. Select a cursor to modify and click on Browse button.
  5. Navigate to the downloaded cursor.
  6. Repeat for another cursor role and then click OK.
Control Panel with Mouse properties highlighted
Double click the Mouse icon to display Mouse Properties and then switch to Pointers tab.
Changing pointers in Mouse properties dialog
Select a pointer role to replace, click on Browse, and navigate to your downloaded cursor.

When changing pointers, you can see a preview of the frames of a cursor. Be aware that the preview is not accurate, it dos not respect frame duration and sequence.

Protecting yourself from viruses

Cursors are sometimes associated with malware. Here is a guide how to protect youself from a cursor virus.

Uploading cursors to the library

You can create your own cursors and upload them using RealWorld Cursor Editor.

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yo it keeps saving as an image instead AAAAAAA pls help what am I doing wrong :-(

user icon Ewookie1 registered user on October 30th

I've set up the "Almost-Electric" cursor set and every time I boot my computer, it hangs with a black screen and the new pointer. It won't continue on to the desktop. :-(

I discovered I can hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and bring up the Task Manager. Then from there, I go to the users tab and log off. just disconnecting doesn't do it. You have to log off. That will bring you back to the log on page and you can log on as a new user and it boots fine, with the new cursor working just fine.

What "I'd" like to know, is how can I get my computer to boot up without going through that process, or having to put in a password, just so I can log on. I'm the only one that ever uses my computer.

btw, I'm running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit).

user icon Anonymous on November 7th

My friends told me to save the cursor as an image and then get on Mousecape and make a new cape. But then there is no animation on my cursor. HOW DO I GET THE ANIMATION???? By the way I'm on MacBook Air

user icon Anonymous on November 13th

how do you do it on a mac

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it dont work it says file cannot be competed fix this plz now. i sm right :-o :-o :-o

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hi i i am in a chrombook idk how to use this oof :-(

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