Cursor Set - Pointers

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Pointers Cursors

  • Published on March 11th 2007 by Squiddy22.
  • Released under the Attribution Required (CC by) license.
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This is a set of the usual cursors. Cursors in different colors, and the cursor types (hourglass cursor, etc.). You may want to download Change Cursor 2.0 if you want to use the cursor types. Nothing really that great, but for someone who just wants a regular cursor that's not too fancy, this would probably be helpful.


by Squiddy22

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user icon Lazer29 registered user on September 9th 2017

5 out of 5 stars.

One of the easiet ideas... others have been thinking similar ideas (I think).
Something to work on though is the white cursor. Still has purpose because not all backgrounds are white. The only white backgrounds I see is notepad and other things like that.

So 5 stars.

(These comments don't need to make sense.)

user icon Anonymous on January 30th 2018

omg so cool!!

user icon Anonymous on May 7th 2018

gut gut, ja ja, and im notn german

user icon Anonymous on January 1st 2019

10 reviews yet 11 comments

user icon lju5_ registered user on April 1st 2020

4 out of 5 stars.

Very decent and simplistic, I really like the color. So nice and colorful!

user icon not used anymore registered user on July 25th 2020

So colorful, as lju5_ said. I like the hourglass and the human-like hand. They look really good, it seems that you have some potential here,

user icon Anonymous on September 25th 2020

Those cursors are very nice, Squiddy22! Could you fix the hotspot of Link Select? It must be pointing with the Index Finger, and the hotspot of the Hourglass must be on the center of it. Still good!

user icon Anonymous on October 8th 2020

:-o epic

user icon [Generic_name] registered user on July 31st 2021

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Very nice cursors! :-)

user icon Coolman2345 registered user on October 1st 2021


user icon Anonymous