Cursor Set - Star Wars characters

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Star Wars characters Cursors

Star Wars characters
  • Published on January 7th 2016 by Floris1.
  • Released under the Release to Public Domain license.
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All characters of star wars


by Floris1

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Recent reviews and comments

user icon Anonymous on January 15th 2016

luke and jango are sick

user icon Anonymous on January 21st 2016

Thanks dude

user icon jood registered user on February 13th 2016

Darth Vader is Awesome :-o

user icon David registered user on February 13th 2016

5 out of 5 stars.

obi wan is pretty nice 8-)

user icon FlorisH registered user on February 14th 2016

5 out of 5 stars.


user icon Anonymous on January 15th 2020

obiwen iz fukcning stoopid he truzt anaIkin waterwalker and get rekt after him and greevus hav child together. verry not epik!!!!!!

shreck wears shronks and much better he stil liv. (shronks R croks for youor feet and look liek shreek)

Sorry, Star Wars fans, but it's true. We can all agree that Luke Skywalker's destiny to save the universe from his mean dad with a cape fetish makes for some thrilling cinema. But it's about as simple as it gets. What's the name of the invisible force that binds the universe? The Force. What's the dark side of that invisible force? It's the Dark Side of the Force. Let's just say that keeping up with Star Wars doesn't require a lot of notes. Oh, and just in case you get bored, here are a bunch of cute robots and people in giant dog costumes.

Sometimes a little moral ambiguity can make for a much more compelling—dare we say, intelligent—story. The best conflicts in stories involve two sides at odds with each other, each thinking they're doing the right thing. No such ambiguity exists in Star Wars. If you need proof, here's a reminder: the Empire names its ultimate superweapon the Death Star. Twice. Just to make sure that the audience remembers that they're the bad guys.

When there's an issue on the Enterprise, chances are pretty good that you'll need some smart experts working hard to solve the problem. Geordi LaForge will probably figure out how to realign the plasma flow conduits to help his ship complete its mission—and that's because he's the smartest guy in Engineering, with a work ethic to match. Meanwhile, how does Luke Skywalker blow up the first Death Star? By praying to his magic space wizard grandpa and turning off his targeting computer.

That's just ridiculous.

And it only gets worse! The prequels show a young Anakin Skywalker falling into a spaceship and accidentally blowing up the droid control ship and saving the day. Even the worst moments of Wesley Crusher flying the Enterprise don't hold a candle to how unbelievably dumb that is. Star Trek depicts a world in which hard work, dedication, and cooperation can win the day. Star Wars is a world where a lucky few are born with magic bugs living in their cells that let them move rocks and shoot missiles well. Which world sounds better to you?

One of the main goals of Star Trek from the very beginning was to find a way to tell important stories that affect us today in the guise of science fiction. The original series confronted race relations, socialism, unchecked arms races, the role of humanity in a society relying more heavily on machines…the list goes on. That's the power of science fiction; it provides a safe place to explore important themes and ideas. Star Wars, meanwhile, has some really neat looking podrace scenes. Oh, and don't forget about those wacky robots!

user icon Anonymous