Cursor Set - Windows XP 3D Red (recoloured system scheme)

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Windows XP 3D Red (recoloured system scheme) Cursors

Windows XP 3D Red (recoloured system scheme)
  • Published on February 12th 2014 by .
  • Released under the Attribution+NonCommercial (CC by-nc) license.
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UPDATED 22/06/2017: I've made a Link cursor for this set based on the Link cursor in my Inverted set. Updates for my other sets may follow in time.

This is a recolour of the Windows XP 3D White / Gold / Turquoise system schemes. As such, there is no Precision, Text, Handwriting, Alternate or Link cursors as there never were any 3D variants of these to begin with. Instead, just use whatever default system cursors you prefer with these to give your mouse theme a default feel, while being the right colour to match a red or contemporary themed desktop and/or window theme.

The Help Select cursor, however, is a bonus as there never was a 3D version of this, but given how easy it was to create, I just had to. It is styled the same way as the recoloured Unavailable cursor, so it matches the set perfectly.

These were created years ago on a Windows XP machine and work 100% with Windows XP. I also use these on my Windows 7 laptop with no issues but I cannot guarantee anything as they were not intended for anything other than XP.

I also made a static Zune theme similar to this that matches the "Windows XP Zune Theme". Search for images of it if interested, it is Windows XP's nicest default looking theme in my opinion. :-) The Zune theme static cursors are now available from my profile.


by Kip

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That means: this cursor is good and cool but not complete so i rate it five star and i like all your cursor Kip, this cursors are make my coputer like it

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