Customizing layouts - Tutorial

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Customizing layouts - Tutorial

This guide demonstrates how to customize the Unicorn3D layout RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.1 by adding back the sliders from the previous version.

Narration transcript

Customizing the look and functionality of RealWorld tools.

In this guide, I will show you how to add the four sliders back to RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.

Start by creating a new 3D document. As you can see, the panel with sliders you knew from the previous version is gone. I will add sliders to the bottom of the Document Structure panel.

Right click on the header of the panel, then click on "Configure panel".

As you can see, the configuration of the panel is pretty complicated. Note the "Toolbar" item selected in the top "View type" box. That's the panel toolbar.

Expand the first item in the left box, select "View type: Toolbar" and click on "Copy" button above. Return back and use "Area splitter" instead of "Toolbar" as the main view type. Change split direction to "Horizontal".

Select "Toolbar" for the upper part, find and select it in the left box and click on "Paste". You have just copied the content of the original panel to the upper part of the splitter.

Return and select "Unicorn3D - Sliders" for the lower part of the splitter. Eventually, choose the layout of the sliders.

Uncheck "Relative" and "Adjustable". Check "From back" and set height to 0. This will automatically set the size of the lower part.

Click OK. As you can see, the sliders are there and working. You can resize the panel if you want.

Putting the sliders to their own panel would be a bit harder, I will show you the just the basics of that procedure. Enter the application options and on the "Main window" tab, check "Show menu commands for layout control".

New commands appear in the "Tools" menu. "Manage layouts" allows you to export or import whole layouts. "Configure layout" displays the configuration of the whole window. You can see the "Toolbar" there, the main splitter, the panels etc. Navigate by clicking on the empty areas.

Once you reach the configuration of the panels, you can add a new panel and put "Uniconr3D - sliders" into that panel.

That is all, close the window and the whole application. It is best to only have a single document open when you are working with the layout configuration.

If in trouble, hold down SHIFT and CTRL when starting the application to revert to original layouts.

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