A Little Story

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A Little Story

Published by on August 24th 2015.

Let me tell you a little story.

There once was a fella named Frank who had a eye for aesthetics. Frank simply just didn't like dull and drab things. At home Frank livened up his living space with all manner of aesthetically pleasing items. He decorated every room according to his own taste and style, changing it about once in a while. All was fine in Frank's house, all except for one place he could not liven up no matter how he tried.

Frank searched endlessly for a way to add color and wonder to every place he owned, including his personal computer. Frank tried different things and occasionally he ran into trouble in the pursuit of this elusive contentment. The happiness the eyes experienced when they looked upon a pleasing item.

Frank had all but resigned to the fact that he would probably never be able to reach his goal when he stumbled upon a website. This website was different. In awe of the beauty before him, as tastefully pleasing to the eye icon and cursor sets flooded his screen, Frank flipped through page after page. He was shocked to see that it all was free to use for personal use! The free downloads are easy to find, there is free software, and best of all there are no viruses or spyware! Now Frank could decorate his pc however he liked as often as he liked for free, and he did!

Thanks to the administrator RW is free to use for all! Many people display their tiny art in RW, many more download free to use for personal use material everyday all day and night the world over! There are free desktop and online tools for many tasks in addition to the free software in RW.
Check it out: http://www.rw-designer.com/software.
There are wonderfully easy tutorials that teach how to create icons and cursors, and retouch photos!
Take a look: http://www.rw-designer.com/how-to.
RW is a pretty cool place indeed! Thank you administrator!

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user icon jojois74 registered user on August 26th 2015

And then, Frank spent the next 5 months trying to beat cosmic journey. Try after try he just could not get past those space pirates. In a fit of frustration he banged his head on the table, and what do you know? A button fell off his shirt! (He put it in his button bag for safe keeping ;-) )

user icon cdl contributing user on August 31st 2015

icon-image/8424-32x32x32.png image

user icon Anonymous on September 1st 2015

cool story and funny comment by jojois74

user icon Anonymous
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