I've done it!!

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I've done it!!

Published by on July 18th 2017.

Finally I managed to pull off a decent longshadow spinning animation
Take a look at it:
rsrc/loading.gif image
You can create them on your own now:
Just grab a copy of RealWorld Paint and :
1. create your desired object:
2. Be sure to create a base object layer on which the shadow should fall
3. modify the style of the required layer and add these steps:

    A.step 1 add shadow (shadow size 2, density 100 and offsets 1 and 1)
    B.step 2 add shadow (shadow size 2, density 95 and offsets 2 and 2)
    C.step 3 add shadow (shadow size 2, density 90 and offsets 3 and 3)

4. This way you can add a long shadow by following this pattern. Be sure to add some more steps as you desire.
Be sure to start the first layer with density less than or equal to 100 only
otherwise the shadow will be very dark.
Still you can add a darker shadow if you please!!!!

Recent comments

user icon AJaxx registered user on July 25th 2017

Outstanding! Real World Paint is an official App/program it just takes some getting use to. I guess that that's true with anything. Nice work!

user icon Vlasta site administrator on July 30th 2017

Looks better than I would expect with just 3 steps.

user icon J registered user on August 18th 2017

Actually there are more than three steps. I'm really sorry I should have added that.
thanks for pointing out.

user icon Anonymous
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