Exclamation mark 3D model - Tutorial

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Creating exclamation mark 3D model

This tutorial demonstrates how to assemble a simple 3D model for an exclamation mark icon from 2 surfaces of revolution and one sphere in RealWorld Icon Editor.

Narration transcript

Creating a 3D model for an exclamation mark icon.

Create a new Unicorn3D object, then click on "Surface of revolution" in the toolbar.

Make sure the grid is set to 0.05 units. Start moving the control points with your mouse just like me. The goal is to make the background for our question mark icon.

Click on "Rotation mode" and then on "Rotate around x-axis". Click and drag the outer edge of the large point. Instead of moving, the object is rotating.

To rotate exactly by 90 degrees, overwrite the value in the Document Structure panel.

Set the color to darker blue and lower the intensity of the highlights.

Zoom in with mouse wheel.

Insert another surface of revolution. Arrange its control points as I do.

Insert a sphere. Move it down by dragging the control point, then click on it and reduce its size with the control point that appeared on its side.

Keep adjusting the shape until you like the result.

Change the color of the exclamation mark to white - it consists of 2 separate parts.

Save your 3D model. Converting it to icon is trivial, but it is not part of this tutorial. Watch my other tutorials or click on green "Render to image" toolbar button and when a new window appears, click on "Create icon" there.

Thanks for watching.

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I am Sloan Gardner. What video? Did LightSpeed Systems Content Filtering block it?

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:d i also made this and made it into a icon file type lol :-D

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pretty good....... pretty good

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Wow, these tutorials are amazing. A lot of effort here, you also made a Narration Transcript! That's so awesome. Superb tutorial.

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tutorial is great, but where I use this icon?

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