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Deleting and Organizing

Folders Mixed with Adobe
on August 29th 2008

I changed the folder icons in a set (better look) and I can't seem to upload or include them on the site. Can someone delete all of my purple folders so I can start from scratch? The Icons are done just need to set them up.

Plus I'm getting an error when I try and modify a set (just goes to a dead web page).

Also, my folders and adobe are all mixed together - what did I do to mess that up?

on August 29th 2008

There is a limit imposed by the web server and as a consequence, the size of the set is limited. If you remove the old icons from the set fist and then try add the new ones it could work. Or create another set with the icons that do not fit in the first one. You can create links between sets by putting code like [ url=icon-set/folders]Go to the first part[/url] (without the space before url) in to the description field.

When you edit or create a new icon set, you can see all your icons that are not already in another set, so it is OK when you see the folders and adobe icons mixed.
on August 30th 2008

Even with the new folder I still get the Page Can't Be Displayed error. Any ideas?

on August 31st 2008

I have sent a request to the web hosting company to increase the memory limit. Until that happens, the set needs to be divided into 2 or more parts...

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What about ICL files?
I wish there were...