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3D Module in Cursor Maker

What and How?
on September 18th 2008

What is it? I've heard you say that some people can get it for free?
How do you get it?

on September 18th 2008

It allows you to create cursors like in [url=table-tennis-cursor]this tutorial[/url].

Contributors to the online library can get it for free (check your emails for serial).

To install it, uninstall RealWorld Cursor Editor and then install it again and be sure to enable the 3D module in one of the setup windows.

on October 4th 2008

can u do some runecape cursor

on October 7th 2008

did you happen to send me 1 :P

on October 7th 2008

Yes, to the email address you have used for the account on this server.

on October 17th 2008

hmm, do you think you could send to one of my other emails?
b/c the email I used for this acc is getting filled with spam?
or can you try sending it again?

if you can send to one of my other emails, plz send to bobjnes11@yahoo.com.


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