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Request A Cursor

on October 7th 2008

I have been wanting to make more cursors, but have been running out of ideas. So anyone that would like to request a cursor, or suggest a idea, please shoot me a message at

Thank you everyone.

(No runescape related cursors..)

on October 7th 2008

The comments posted on the request cursor page are a relatively good source of inspiration, although they are occasionally repetitive.


on October 10th 2008

Can't believe I forgot about the page. I just don't like using it though, because all people talk about on it is Runescape. I honestly wish that nobody made videos on how to make runescape cursors and put them on the site...etc. It's honestly just flooding the site with cursors that took no real work, just took a screenshot, erased some stuff, done.

on October 10th 2008

It is true, that there is a lot of runescape requests, usually for already available things, but there are also others.

It would be nice to have for example Halloween cursors...

on November 7th 2008

On are some wonderful cursor sets. I'm currently converting some of my favorites.

on November 18th 2008


on March 18th 2009

how about a lego star wars cursor

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