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Help with BambooTablet!

Problems with cursor
on February 6th 2009

I have bought myself a Wacom Bamboo tablet.
There two differnt options how it works
1: the tablet works like the touchpad on a laptop
2: if i click on the right top sight of the tablet the mouse will go on the same positition of the screen

if choose the first, then the cursor of RW is at a other position then the normal cursor(tablet)

The second works fine, but i prefer the first. Is there something I can do?

on February 6th 2009

I have not tested it with this tablet, but I guess, there is no way around it. Maybe you'll find a setting in the tablet configuration panel.

The application communicates directly with the tablet and receives the raw data sent by the tablet. The tablet of course sends the absolute position of the pen, which is what you describe as mode #2. In mode #2, the Brush tool should react to pen pressure.

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What about ICL files?
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I wish there were...