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how do i make 3d images?

i know, i'm probably a newb, just help me out please!
on August 1st 2009

i don't know how to make a 3D image! can someone just help me out with it?

on August 1st 2009

What do you mean by 3D image? An image with a realistic 3D look and feel, a stereogram, a 3D model? And in what application?

on November 10th 2009

Oh, i know what you mean. You want to know how to make a 3D model. You need to download the 3D software and then it would be good to go thruogh the tutorial. YOUR WELCOME!!!

on February 5th 2010

Hey miey-smiley here how do u make cursors

on February 19th 2010


The Unicorn 3D module is available with the Icon Editor 2008.1 and the Cursor Editor 2010.1(Not yet released)

To enable it, when installing the program, just enable the 3D module feature then voila.

The 3D module is not free but is trial for 30 days but if you manage to create a decent set of icons (20 icons min.) Vlasta will consider supplying you with a license for it.

on November 5th 2010

You could use blender and put the rendered image into real world icon/cursor maker. Blender is free.

on November 5th 2010

I like blender. Check out Blender 2.54 Beta

on January 29th


on March 28th


on April 14th

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Best illustration

You can make 3d photo before you know that 3d photo source.

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on May 18th

Very helpful. Thanks

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