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Custom Rotation Using Mouse

on August 21st 2009

Product: RWPaint

Rotating the selected object (say rectangle or ellipse) using the 'dot and arc' handle should rotate it as per the mouse direction.
Currently, it rotates it by 90 degrees. I have to use 'Custom Rotation' to get it to whatever angle I want - this is really cumbersome.

I vaguely remember this was working before (not too sure) and now it is not - i.e. when I first downloaded the app and it was a virgin installation.

I tried reinstalling but it is still the same.

on August 21st 2009

It depend on your current "coordinate accuracy mode". If it is set to "Integral coordinates", you can only rotate in 90-degrees steps. Setting it to "Arbitrary coordinates" will allow you to rotate at will. You can change the mode in the toolbar above the image.

on August 24th 2009

Excellent. It works now after setting to integral coords.

All in all I love this tool. Thank you deeply for making this available free.

on March 24th 2010

It might be better if we can rotate the image at certain degrees or at certain pixel steps using the dot and arc. like instead of just 90 degrees we can rotate by 45 and 22.5 degrees (half of 45). It would really perfect the image rotation and semi-prevent image blurring that the arbitrary rotation tool does.

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